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Periodization for Powerlifting


Any body here familiar with Mike Israetels book?


Which book and what about it?


Periodization for powerlifting, just wondering if people here have used it.
I have it and it seems interesting, after a long lay off from training I’m just starting the hypertrophy guidelines where the emphasis (not surprisingly) volume, but what I particularly like is the theory behind it and the way you calculate your own training parameters, depending on which phase of training you’re in.


I’m not aware of him writing a book by that name, I searched it and there was an article with that title. Are you talking about “Scientific Principles of Strength Training”?

I don’t really know what you want anyone to tell you, you aren’t really asking a specific question. Mike Israetel’s advice is valid, but it’s also just one particular way to approach training, not the only way.


If you want good results in powerlifting, use a system developed by someone who has a proven track record of producing powerlifters who consistently improve over time.

First guy that springs to mind is Swede Burns. Then Greg Panora. Also Josh Bryant.


Yes indeed,it is “Scientific Principles of Strength Training” I have it saved as Periodization for powerlifting my bad


So what have you learned so far?


Basically it has given me an appreciation of WHY training works and how I can look at altering what I’m doing now… lots of individual ‘challenges’ and as I age I can see where I may have gone wrong when I thought my training was going well (drug free best lifts of 230kg SQ, 135 kg BP, 255kg DL at 125kg body weight at ~30yo. add in sleep apnea and a few other things as well as getting older… if only I had the book then :slight_smile: ) Basically I am starting again at 59 yo and will benefit from this book.