Periodization for Mass & Athleticism

Hello to everyone!
I would like to ask for periodization advice. I want to gain muscle mass but remain reasonably athletic. I am not fan of good look only. Originally I gave me 2 year development period.

In last 7 months I gained 8kg (it slowed down at the end); my body fat is 13% right now; my weight is 86kg, 180cm height. I went trough following routine: GPP, hypertrophy, 5x5, 3x3, ketrlebells.

This is where I struggle to continue. I want to focus for a while on my arms (biceps triceps and forearm) little bit more together with traps. From some reason they did not follow as I would like it to be. However I am not in panic because they do progress but slower then rest of my body.
Diet is fairly good (putting it this way as I am not nutritionalist).

If any more info required pls let me know and i will try to be as acurate as possible.
Appreciate your critic and advice.
Kind regards

Your utilization of periods looks pretty good to me, man.

Thanks for input. Any ideas what to do next or should i go all over again. I am afraid if i go general i will lose on musculs due to high intensity workout. Am i wrong?
Thank you

Have you every looked at learning the olympic lifts?

A heavy focus on those, mixed with some “traditional bodybuilding” type movements, exercises, sets, reps, etc may yield the results you’re looking for.