Periodization By Tudor Bompa

Hey Guys! I just wanted to get your input on this book. I plan to purchase it for means of learning about Periodization. What do you guys think? Is it worth the buy? Was it helpful? What type of periodizationd oes he teach in this book? Your input would be greatly appreciated! What about you coaches?

Great read IMO worth the buy.

Typs strength, hyper, a bridge, and a break in I beleive then hybrids of each

The book is about linear periodization, meaning training one fitness quality at a time e.g. Strength then power then power-endurance. This kind of periodization is pretty much out-dated and I would not suggest a fellow T-man to follow.

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Yes, linear periodization is out-dated and I know many of the writers here would say/have said the same thing.


Haha Thanks Guys. Well I need a book on periodization. Yeah Linear Periodization is outdated and proven uneffective. However I need a book that is thoughrough with Periodization, however dealing with the “better” type. Are there any books out there which I am looking foR? Thanks for the input

Try Fred Hatfield’s Bodybuilding: A Scientific Approach.

Though the thrust is about bodybuilding, he explains the concept of periodization more clearly and completely than anyone I’ve read.

Tons of other great info, too.


Pavel’s Power to the People?

Hey guys, thanks! Black thorn, is power the people a periodization book?? LOl I gotta get up to date but thanks! Any1 else have any recommendations?

here is the post i had for CT. Wondering if you guys could give your input as well. (Disc Hoss! This means you too! =)

Mr Thibaudeau! Man Im glad you are on Prime Time today. There has been a topic that has be giving me an itch, and I love your input on it.

  1. How many times of periodization are there out there? Including ones that are utilized in Europe

  2. Is undulated and conjugate under Non-Linear Periodization?

3)Which type of periodization do you find most effective for size and strenght? Without much regard for endurance?

  1. What type of Periodization do you incorporate for your programs?

5)How would one setup a periodization?
Would one rotate strength and volume training every microcycle or mesocycle?

  1. Is your accum/Intens part of a periodization? Would you just keep repeating 4 weeks volume progession, followed by 4 weeks of intensity for a whole year? and do you find this way effective

7)Is your accum/intens the same as Dual Factor Theory?

  1. And finally, I plan to buy a book on periodization, but can’t find a informative one that deals with an effective periodization (Not Linear!) I was planning to buy Tudor Bompa’s, but found out it was on Linear, So I was wondering if you could suggest a couple of books for me to purchase on learning more about the different types of periodization, and how to set one up.

I know this is a heap of questions, sorry! Would you find explaning everything thouroughly? I really appreciate you taking your time out to help me (and all of us)

Hey Guys, Just found this book by Tudor. Wondering If you guys thought this would be more along the lines of Non-Linear Periodization. Thanks!

I have a lot of respect for Bompa, but his training methodologies are simply out of date - we know more about training and adaptation today than we did then, and most modern periodization schemes incorporate the new info. If you’re interested in reading about past methodologies, his books are a good read. There isn’t much in there that you can apply that you wouldn’t get out of a more modern author, though. In that sense, your money is best spent elsewhere.


Hey, Thanks for the input dan. Do you have any books that you would recommend for learning about the modern Periodization? What do you guys think about Pavel? Does he incorporate the latter and more effective types of periodization?

Anyway, The book, Periodization Training for Sports was published in april 2005, maybe Tudor incorporated Non-Linear Periodization there? Thanks for the help guys.

DeFranco should write a book on conjugate periodization if he’s not already working on one…

I would disagree with those who say “Linear Periodization is innefective”.

I know I may be opening a can of worms.

I’ll say this… Determining each seperate individual athletes physicalnd training status may determine results. There may need to be some modifying and prioritization.

However… I feel everyone can beneift from linear periodization.
I would agree, results may come to a stand still, and such things like neural strength may slip when training GPP or Hpyertrophy. But neural strength should rise when stimulated again.

So anybody have any recommendations on books to buy that teach the concept of different periodization such as conjugate, undulating, and things of that sort? I have checked Borders for Supertraining, and they didn’t carry it. It is also a little pricy, and on my Budget I dont think I can afford a 60 dollar book. Suggestions/Recommendations?

I was thinking about buying CT’s E-Book, The theory one. I was wondering what the contents of that book are. What about his black book of training secrets?

Linear Periodisation is still an applicable concept.

Yearly linear periodisation is probably not a good idea though.

With Chris T’s books both are great. From a practical point of view I use Black Book every week, whilst with the other one (sorry forgot name) I look periodically.

CT’s books are great, so are Fred Hatfield’s - for Westside methods, go to the source and give them a call and/or read all their articles. It’s not a real cut and dry system.


[quote]Xfactor88 wrote:
Haha Thanks Guys. Well I need a book on periodization. Yeah Linear Periodization is outdated and proven uneffective. However I need a book that is thoughrough with Periodization, however dealing with the “better” type. Are there any books out there which I am looking foR? Thanks for the input[/quote]