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Periodization Articles.....

Could someone give me links to all the periodization articles on T-mag?

Hypertrophy, Strength

Ok, this is getting ridiculous.

Just look the damned things up yourself.

Ok man, relax, don’t freak out.

Thanks Phat

How can I design one suited to my goals?

Mainly, Hypertrophy and strength/power.

Remember what Christian said. Pick a program and stick to it.

I have, and I am sticking to it.
But it can be periodized.

RenegadeForce: I don’t think they will ever learn… Vaines just stick with one rotuine for now… Have u even started???

Vanies: Get a book called “Periodization” “Theroy and Methodology of Training” By" Tudor Bompa Phd… Also “Designing Resistance Training Programs” By: Fleck and Kraemer…

Read these two books to get yourself some knowledge on program design and Periiodization…

fitone- ever the patient one. I envy you!

(I would really hope this persistant willingness to assist is appreciated in this case, bro):slight_smile: SRS

Yes, I’ve started, and tomorrow I’ll be into my 2nd week.

Sorry, im just very anxious. To learn as much as I can.