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Periodization and Strongman training

I haven’t found any sites on the net, which would offer solid and specific advice on strongman training so I’m turning to you…

How do you periodize your training? I mean, what kind of cycles do you have to develop all the different motor abilities needed in strongman events? For example absolute strength, strength endurance and power / speed strength. And naturally some specific strength training on top of these.

Thanks for the help…

Antti, if you go to the Dog Pound, you will see two threads there. One is “Strongman Training Update” and another is a “Digital Deadlift Challenge”. The “Strongman” training update will give you an idea of strongman training and the “Digital Deadlift” thread contains links to websites of interest to you (like, the Official Strongman site).

Another one to check out is Jill Mills' site. She's a two time winner of the Worlds Strongest Woman Contest. Her site explains her traininng. Another person to ask this question? Christain Thibeaudau - his forum, "Lair of the Ice Dog" would be a good place to post this question. Hope this helps.

Have you read the “Land of the Giants” article yet at T-mag? Some info there. Check previous issues or use the search at T-mag’s main page.