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Periodisation (Hypertrophy Phase)

Guys, i’d like your opinions on the second phase of my periodised program, the hypertrophy phase. I got some good feedback on my last post concerning the strength phase and hope you can all help me out again.

Here it is:-

Monday (2 min R.I. between sets)

Back Squats 3x12
Bench Press 3x10
Leg press 2x12
Dips 2x10
Leg Extensions 1x12
Dumbbell Flys 1x10


Wide Grip 1x10 (actually achieve 6
Medium Grip 1x10 6
Close Grip
(Parallel) 1x10 8)

Standing Calf Raises 5x6
Cable Rows 2x10
Ab work
Decline Dumbbell Pullovers 1x10
More Ab work
BarBell Shoulder Press 3x10


Deadlifts 3x12
E-Z Bar Bicep Curls 2x10
Close Grip Presses 2x10
Stiff legged Deads 2x12
Seated DB Biceps Curls 2x10
French Presses 2x10
Lying leg curls 1x12

I’m performing most exercises with a tempo of 3111 and currently following the ‘Get Big’ diet, i put on a couple of pounds with this routine/diet last week but that could be down to the extra water weight from the creatine in the pre/post workout drink.

Any pointers on exercise selection, rep ranges, no of sets, rest intervals or anything else will be greatfully recieved.



Are you only training Monday, Tuesday and Thursday or is it a 2 on/1 off type of program?

Kelly, thanks for the interest. You gave me some good advice for my stregth phase and i think it went quite well. I pretty sure i have everything dialled in now and am feel i ammaking some progress so any top tips you have will be greatly appreciated.

I’m only traing the days mentioned. Due to the fact that i work away from home in the week i can only train on Mondays to Thursdays. I’m a member of a gym where i work but can’t afford to join another back home so these are the days i have to work with.

Marv- Check out this link:

Poliquin throws out a few ideas for splits for a guy from medical profession who can only train Monday-Friday. You might need to alter it a bit to suit your needs, but I think that it could help you make more of your training time. If not, I would focus a lot on the core lifts on your three days and incorporate back-off sets for hypertrophy.

Marv since you’re only training mon-thurs I migt consider Thursday’s workout as sort of a hip dom/arm day + consider adding a couple of other exercises for the other bodyparts as well. You might cut down on the arm training on thursdays workout and do a few moderate intensity sets of chest,shoulder,quad work since it will be a full 3-4 days before you hit them again. This will give you a full bodyworkout going into your 3 day recovery period and should enable you to see some nice recovery and supercompensation going into mondays workout.