Perineal Injury. Watch Out

A few weeks back i felt a pinge between my legs while doing some mid-to-heavy lunges. I’ve always liked lunges because they help they entire Hip Region (strength wise) and also help with balance (if you practice MA).

Anyway, it was a slight stabbing wound, right down below my nut sack. So i stopped the lunges and forgot about it and took 1 week off from Lunges. However, the following week, i started again. This time i felt the injury again…BUT WORSE.


Immediately, i started doing some research and THOUGHT, it must be from over using my Joint with my new GF. She’s 15yrs my junior and i gotta kewl down from getting laid everyday (i’m too old to be having 1hr sex sessions every night). Yeap…when you get older, you can’t do that chit without hurting yourself.

Anyway, the Perineal Muscles are between the Lower Part of your Nut Sack and your Anus (yeah…i know it sounds gross but, that’s the way we are built).

Theses injuries are fact common for “Hockey Players, Bicycle Riders, Heavy Power Lifters, Football Players” and anyone who does lunges or Squats using heavy weight (that’s me in the last column). They can get so bad that some people have been affected by them for years. Specialists are required and in severe cases even require surgery. WOMEN get them by giving Child birth from the intense Labor of pushing a newborn through the Birth Canal. The Perineal Muscles are also responsible for helping you to pass a Stool.

While i have no problem taking a Leak or Passing a Stool, i get a dull ache while sitting for long periods. Walking seems to help and ice packs make the pain go away (yeah…my nuts get frozen off for about 15mins, but that nothing compared to what guys go through when having a vasectomy).

Anyway, will keep everyone abreast of my progress on this somewhat rare injury.

PS. Its thought to be more common in older males BUT, not necessarily. Young bucks get them too…and they basically side line you from training ALL BODY parts are the Perineal Muscles are part of your CORE energy. You get your energy and force from your Core which is part of your Pelvic Floor (Amazing what you learn as you go through life----i’ve been training for over 30yrs now).