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Hey folks,
Ran into an unlucky situation this past summer with pericarditis but things are getting back to normal, however slowly.

Used to be 260 at 6’1 (april 2012). That was my heaviest. Also play drums and toured with a group so I decided to cut because touring and making sure I ate enough to maintain was tricky with all the schedule changes.

Fast forward to the summer where I was around 220 - 225, I got awful chest pain and was diagnosed with pericarditis. Couldn’t lift or drum for three and a half months.

Now I am 185 (yuck) Been back to lifting for about a month and feel great to be back at it and highly motivated.

I am 37 and still have the desire to build back up, should the increased calories I focus on be cleaner and more restrictive than the dirtier bulking I did in my earlier thirties? Anyone with similar experience?