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Periactin Review

Almost as soon as I got into bodybuilding, I realized appetite was a major factor for most people in getting big. Suprisingly, there are a lot more appetite suppresents than appetite stimulants. I ended up reading about Periactin, and have been interested in it for years. Finally got ahold of some! So I thought I would do a little review, as there aren’t many out there.

From what I had read, I was expecting to take the pill, and feel extremely hungry and extremely tired an hour later. Actually, that is not what happened.

I have been on it 12 days now, and have not noticed any tiredness. There was no effect on my appetite until about the 7th day. It didn’t so much make me extremely hungry, but it made it very hard to feel full. About 15 minutes after a large meal I feel ready to eat again. It’s actually pretty sweet! For someone who’s come to a roadblock in weight gain, I highly recommend trying this before going the AAS route.