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Peri-Workout Supps Hindering Fat Loss?


I wonder if I'm alone in this one. Since changing to pre and peri workout supplements, my workouts have been more awesome, and the recovery much better. I can also train longer, though I try not to. Basically I fatigue a lot less.

But, it seems that I don't lose as much fat in dieting mode than when I was taking post workout shakes.

I know in theory the fat loss is a result of the overall diet, and exercises such as explosive weight training and HIIT keep burning the fat long after the actual exercise calorie expenditure is over, but it remains that I don't seem to lose as much fat as before.

I wonder what your experiences are with this.


The most obvious, likely and plausible answer is that your total calories are too high. Even if the addition of protein and simple carbs during your workout causes you to hold onto fat for whatever reason you can still get around this by either a) doing more work or b) eating less food or c)both to return to a deficit.


What is your diet and what does your training look like? Is the only thing different now the addition of peri-workout nutrition instead of post workout?


Exactly. And I do lose fat don't get me wrong here. Though not as much as when I was using only post workout shakes.


Again, without knowing exactly what your taking in its hard to make suggestions on what you are finding. Are you talking about using the Anaconda protocol? Has your switch to Peri workout resulted in higher calorie intake? What does the rest of your day look like? How are you determining your fat loss? (calipers etc). Have you considered, if you are using Anaconda, that the apparent change in fat loss is actually just water retention (a benefit of the protocol) giving the appearance of slower fat loss?


What are you taking peri-workout? It could just be that you are intaking a substantial amount of carbs peri-workout and as a result aren't dehydrating as much as you would be (which makes you look leaner) when you were taking fewer total carbs.


If you look at something like the ANACONDA Protocol, especially V1, it's a TON of calories.

You could try eating less at other times.