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Peri-Workout Supps for Strength Without Weight


I have spent the entire weekend looking for the best posible answer to this, scouring the CT and ANACONDA forums all the way up to December of 2009. My question is one that has been asked and answered soo many times I have a headache from the computer screen, but none from the angle I am searching for.

Strength is my largest goal and current focus. 600lb squat and deadlift, 400lb bench, 350lb clean & Jerk ect.(raw) are what I am going to get. I am currently 201 lbs at 8.5% bodyfat. I want to progress toward my strength goals as quick as possible but not gain much weight (and yes I mean weight, not necissarily fat or muscle) because I participate in things like rock climbing and MMA and want to stay within easy reach of 198lbs for a powerligting meet and or eventual strongman competitions.

How should I attack my peri-workout/whole supplement regime, based on this info? The full ANACONDA Protocol is obviously great for strength but that goes along with considerable mass gain. Should I just stick to things like Spike, Alpha-GPC pre, and Power Drive post? Maybe that mixed with the ANACONDA Protocol 2? Or suffer the weight gain and stay with ANACONDA 1? Or.....
Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated, especially from the coach himself.

Also I have read before by John Kiefer, that the CNS isnt fully optimal while active insulin is in the system. Do the recovery benefits of pre workout insuling spiking out-weigh this or is this an unfounded statement.


You have to expect SOME weight gain in order to make any appreciable strength gains, especially in powerlifting movements. That being said, i think the best way to go about adding minimal mass while using a peri workout protocol would be to find out your maintenance caloric intake and hit that number while concentrating the bulk of the calories closer to your workout. And ofcourse avoid time under tension exercises or specific hypertophy exercises.


What are your current bests in those 4 lifts?


365 bench, 485 squat, 515 deadlift, 315 C&J


I know and expect some muscle mass gain, I would just prefer to minimize as much as I can to the point that I would not be slowing down my strength gains to an appreciable amount. At my bodyfat level % I still have a little bit of room to play on that end too, though Im not going to attempt to hit 4% or anything like that.

I agree completely with avoiding excessive TUT and using hypertrophy style training. My training will be a Westside template that I have run by Louie before. Hitting the core lifts hard with speed and singles or doubles. I will go light (volume wise, not weight) on the accessory work really only including it to bring up my, at the moment, weakest link.


Seems like you've got a great foundation. Funny, your #'s are close to where mine are as well with exception of the C&J. Mine stinks, 250ish. Need to work on my form - but that's beside the point. Check out this video:

You've got the right idea with limiting TUT, focusing on speed singles and doubles. From what I've read and watched, John Broz has his trainees squatting almost every day working up to their max for that day and also training 2x/day.

Here is a great article from Poliquin regarding 2x/day training too:


I have similar goals, wanting no appreciable size gain, but want to move to a 400 close grip bench, 315 push press, 500 squat, 600 DL. Making steady progress by following many of Thib's principles as well as being progressive with weights at every workout and resting sufficiently. Lately, I have improved close grip bench from 305 to 345, push press from 225 to 255 and squat +40lbs with only 2lbs weight gain.

Hope this helps...