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Peri-Workout Supplementation


Hello, when talking about peri-workout supplementation, im strictly speaking ANACONDA/MAG-10/Surge Workout Fuel..

My question is, what is the most important? Carbs during the workout, or the protein form MAG-10/ANACONDA? Would someone get better results using more casein hydrolysate, or more carbs to replenish glycogen on the spot?


Both important.

There is a long explanation on fast acting carbs, insulin and "protein" transportation. Look it up. Good read.


Right, I've seen that article. How would more scoops of Surge Workout Fuel affect my workout/recovery? ive toggled between 2 and 4 scoops..I guess more protein would allow the carbs to do more right? if you increase carbs you should probably give the insulin more protein to transport? I feel like im answering my own question


well, how many total reps are you doing in your workouts? What's your overall volume like?

For someone who did O-lifting like me, I would stick to ANACONDA/MAG-10 mainly, and have anywhere from 0-1 scoops of Surge Workout Fuel because most workouts did not have many reps in general, AND the time-under-tension was quite small. But for someone who does some crazy high-ass volume workouts that are John Meadows-esque, you would do well with 2-3 scoops of Surge Workout Fuel.


how much ANACONDA/MAG-10 would you tell someone to take that was doing low volume work, like HFSW?

thanks for the responses


HFSW isn't really low volume... the rep schemes, depending on the week, can be 4x10, or 5x8, etc, and that's on THREE big-bang lifts, done at a moderate weight (you should have some reps left in the tank on your last set).

Either way, for a HFSW workout, if it were me, I'd probably do a 1/1/1 of the ANACONDA/MAG-10/Surge Workout Fuel mix.


And I find that I do better on a 0/2/2 (anaconda is not nice to my inside, i take creatine instead) and I am presently doing a 5x5 type of work out.

But then again, I read the articles and I listen to my body.


OP you pretty much have to figure what works best for you. I ran out of FINiBARs and I didn't feel as good during my workouts, got them back and feel like I can go forever again.