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Peri-Workout Stuff


One thing I'm interested with experimenting with is peri-workout nutrition. I have used BCAA's peri-workout and noticed very little, and BCAA's are quite expensive so I'm not messing with them again in this instance

I'm mainly looking at gatorade vs water. I have a gallon jug that I always bring with me and I could easily make that a gallon of gatorade. Do any of you drink gatorade or a similarly carby beverage during your workouts and have you noticed any benefits that water alone did not give?



if your volume warrents carbs peri workout, then really any liquid source will work. differences as far as ingredients will be minuscule.

ive had good success with caffine and bcaas peri for rugby, hard to tell if its just the caffine though. also consistent use of large does of bcaa, like 20+g consistently will have a great effect. though its harder to get good priced bcaa in large quantity.

if youre looking at peri workout drinks as your pwo meal, since what you drink during a workout will hit your blood stream at the end of your workout, then thats a whole nother ball park. great way to utilize whey concentrate or isolates though instead of expensive hydros imo


I only notice that BCAA works when I'm lean. Not at the beginning of a cut, but once I'm actually leaner then when I started.

I used the gatorade, leucine, whey combo for about 8mo and still made some great gains. I even did the math out in another post and found that it's cheaper then most PWO/Peri drinks out there and you can still "do work" just fine. It's the poor mans Surge lol. (which I was)

Now I have a nice custom mix made at TP that suits me just great.


I usually keep it pretty simple myself. If I had eaten within the past 1-1.5 hours, I'll just pop some caffeine and go. If I'm hungry, typically I'll just consume around 20g of whey isolate + creatine + caffeine. If I feel like I need some carbs, I'll blend in some frozen blueberries with my whey+creatine+caffeine. I sort of play it by ear depending on how I feel and how much energy I feel I'll be needing i.e. if I'm doing widowmakers or if I'm just doing arms etc. I don't really like sipping on something besides water while I lift. I personally would only drink gatorade if I knew my workout was going to last more than 2 hours.


BCAAs and Gatorade should have the same effects! Stick with the cheaper/tastier option and buy the big ass tubs of Gatorade powder.

Water is a great peri-workout "supplement."


I think that arignine is pretty good too, depends on your goals... I am using it with a combo of taurine, caffeine, creatine, bcaas and DMAE


I generally have whey isolate, creatine and dex during my workout. If I'm cutting I'll use bcaa/glutamine/arginine pre and during.


Does anyone here eat cheerios or white bread for a cheap post workout carb?


Man Gerdy should chime in on this. I think he was using some peri-workout regiment. I for one don't have one. It's my Blue in one hand and my recycled Evian bottle that I refill constantly to keep up a faux image of wealth in the other. I eat food therefore I lift heavy ass weights come training time. I'd be down to experimenting with supplementation to see what might come of it.


I have 1.5 scoops whey isolate, 3 tbsp gatorade powder, and 1/3 c. malodextrin. I drink about a quarter to a third of it with 5 creatine tabs and then the rest while I'm working out.. sometimes at the end I'll have a little bit left. and I'll just finish it.

This seems to be working good for me. I feel like I have a lot of energy throughout.. and for me, it's easier than doing a pre and/or post wo shake so I can eat dinner sooner.


Hey Waylander,

When you've tasted the super supplement side do you think it makes it tough to evaluate the efficacy of legal supps such as BCAA's? I mean theres a large panel of 'experts' who suggest BCAA's really do work and the cost is pretty reasonable really (if bought as powder). Its the whole cost/benefit thing I suppose but I would consider it in the top tier of what I would buy.


I like to rotate my post workout carbs because quite frankly, I get bored easily. In the past I used to love quickly baking up a few dinner roll's after my workouts. Delicious.