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Peri Workout Protocol for a CARDIO Workout

what do u guys do for cardio nutrition?

I do 2 sessions of about 30 mins a week…

I attempt to do HIIT but as my fitness level is pretty low at the moment, it ends up being 30 seconds running, 120 seconds walking…

that will get better soon

anyway, my body doesn’t like to hold onto muscle during caloric deficit…

so i’m wondering whether it would be worth taking Plazma pre-cardio? or will the 38g of carbs be detrimental to the calorie burning and fat burning aspect of cardio?

I always took carbs before doing high intensity cardio sessions. IMO it made the sessions more productive in the grand scheme of things.


30s sprinting, 120s walking is a great way to do it. Don’t worry about that.

Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with that length of rest. If you want to mix it up, try sprinting for 10 seconds and resting for 30.

As far as nutrition… Eat enough before and/or after your workout (38g of carbs and some protein should be plenty), then keep your diet tight for the rest of the week. Your peri-workout window is the ideal period to “eat big.” Those carbs are going to go straight to your muscles, so don’t worry about it hurting your fat loss.

Your interval timing is fine. There is no magic number. It is ALL about intensity. Heck, when i do intervals on the bike i go balls out for 30-45 seconds and wait close to 5 minutes for the next interval. Works like a charm for me. And just like Stu said, if you are not in a carb surplus then have a few before your session.