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Peri-Workout Nutrition


So T-Nation authors are pretty unanimous on modern peri-workout nutrition. MAG-10 seems to be the go to. But I really don't want to spend that kinda money on supplements like that.

What are some pre-, peri, and post workout recommendations using just whey protein shakes and regular foods? I typically down a whey protein shake right after I wake up and go straight to the gym.


Depends what you are looking for in life.

etc, etc.

At the end of the day, it is dependent on your budget and work outs. Looking to compete? Then take the time and resources to get the best possible protocol. Week end warrior? Basic of BCAA's will do.

But how is your diet? THAT is the crucial part.

But really, do we really need supplements? That is up to you. At my age (49), Plazma is a god send to me. I can push hard and be good to go the next day. Do I NEED it? No. I prefer to invest in myself so I can enjoy what I have been doing most of my life.

Just don't look for a shortcut and expect the same results as the top end of the supplement chain.


Quality beef and a ton of lean protein and green veg goes a long way


Why post a topic like that if you begin with saying that you won't change your habits of downing your shaker of whey first thing in the morning before going to the gym?

How much do you spend on whey each month? And do you believe whey is like, the best (pre workout) supp ever?


pre - simple carbs(can be sugary)/protein/small amounts of fat
intra - sugar/protein (this is where you can really min/max, with things like Plazma, or any sort of cyclic dextrin/casein hydrolysate
post - simple carbs/protein