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Peri-Workout Nutrition


Fellas, heres one that can be hit home...or ran over by a semi filled with haters.

I'am aware of what peri-workout nutrition is, but im not sure on what to do for it. As of right now, heres what my brain is processing;

- seriously? no idea. I used to do cup of rice and chicken breast 50-60 minutes before, then hit them weights. Is that bad? or should i do something else?

During workout;
- Sip on Gatorade. Please, by all means. Correct me if i shouldnt do that, or if i should be consuming something else.

Post workout;
- Immediately consume a banana and protein shake....then 50-60 minutes later cup of rice and chicken breast.

Please. Fix me, help me, give me some ideas.
(Looking to put mass on)



Interested as well in this!


What I do, and I started on my cut and plan to just up the amounts for my reverse/diet is bulk is as follows:

Mind you your amounts will depend on your caloric intake, macro positioning and goals, but this is what I'm currently doing

About 60-90 mins pre wo:

CHO + Pro + Little bit of fat (10-15g)
Example: 1.5 serving oats, 1 scoop protein, 1 tb peanut butter

During my warm up pre wo and finished about thirty minutes into my workout:

2-3 servings Plazma (HBCD + Di/Tri Peptides for the win, this has been a game changer in terms of overall energy and endurance in the gym, helped me hit PR's when in a deficit after 12 weeks and getting down to 7-8% bodyfat)

Post WO:

Any whole food meal, the Plazma intra workout imo doesn't make a shake immediately necessary. If you want, just have a shake, then get home and eat some food. My post workout meal is usually mainly CHO + Pro, and the lions share of my carbs.

As for Amounts I'm doing this on my reverse, currently at 250g CHO daily:

40-50g CHO, 20-30g Pro, 10-15g Fat Pre WO (60-90 mins)

Intra is the 2 servings Plazma

75-100g CHO, 40-50g Pro, <10g Fat post workout.

Then I just eat balanced meals from there an out, lot's of veggies, starches, lean protein, and before bed usually protein froyo and some Avocado Oil or MCT Oil

All in all, you really gotta just experiment and find what works best for you. But in all honestly, the HBCD/Di/Tri Peptide mix has been incredible in terms of recovery, pumps, strength gains, and just overall better endurance


Apart from Gatorade what you posted is pretty sensible and proven. (lean beef would be preferable chicken)

Plazma and MAG-10 are the ideal. If on a budget take an amino drink or BCAAs pre/mid workout.


Have you guys heard of hydrobeef?


You mean... powdered collagen.


So idea you'd consume Plazma before workout (around 20 min) and MAG-10 when?


I consider the MAG-10 to be optional.

Plazma 1 serving preworkout (30 minutes pre). 1 serving intra workout and I finish it all about 40 minutes or so before I leave the gym. I walk home and mix some MAG-10. About an hour or so after that, I eat a finibar. That's my morning :stuck_out_tongue:

Alternatively, just do the above mentioned Plazma dosing protocol and post workout, just get a good meal in your within 2 hours or so post workout.




This should explain everything you need to know: http://www.t-nation.com/supplements/what-you-dont-know-about-workout-supplementation


Ok,. so what easily digested carbs is he referring to? and what are the unique di and tri peptides?

Also, does that article completely throw out the conventional protein shake post work out?


It's manufactured from fresh lean beef. Just google it.

I recently gave up dairy to try improve some health conditions. Looking for an alternative, I am considering this instead of casein or whey.



That is what TC is saying. Under non peri workout protocol.


What exactly are you averting from casein or whey protein?


Ok im starting to understand. Would there be alterations done to the diet during the day if using Plazma?


It's going to be based on your macro/caloric budget for the day. The calories/macros being consumed with Plazma will have to be calculated into your nutrition budget.


I have arthritis at 30. Arthritis is an autoimmune disease, the cause of which is most likely a food allergy. I am completely gluten free for many years, but that didn't clear up my arthritis. I stuck with it because I saw a definite improvement in immune system and gastrointestinal issues. So I looked for another answer as gluten free wasn't the miracle cure I had hoped it would be. Turns out, many food proteins can cause a "cross reaction", triggering the same gluten antibodies when the cross-reactive proteins get into the blood. So even if wheat is given up, leaky gut may never heal in some ppl, because of the inflammation triggered by these cross reactive proteins (corn, rice, milk, coffee, oats, millet and yeast... F*CK!!) getting into the blood. On top of that, I am doing low oxalate as my joints have been reacting to them. Oxalates get in through leaky gut as well. Most people don't absorb them from food, and can handle what does get absorbed. They most commonly can cause kidney stones, but in my case it seems as though calcium crystal deposits end up in my joints and muscles. Long story short... just to be be safe, I'm giving up milk for the time being. Basically I am doing green faces type diet, but without high ox veggies like spinach. The only other side effect other than weight loss is a bit of heart burn because of the high amount of fat in my diet - but it's not bad enough to worry about, so all is good.


So has all this been medically diagnosed or is this all self diagnosis?


Ok so this is what im getting from that article TC linked me.

Hour before workout;
- 1 dose ( or more?) of plasma

15 minute before workout;
- another dose of plasma?

during workout:
- sip on plasma

1 dose (or more? ) of plasma?

da fuck? so im gonna be basically peeing plasma then eh?


For most people, the following works very well:

  • 1 dose Plazma 30 minutes prior to workout.
  • 1 dose Plazma during your workout and finish it before you finish your workout (I like to do this 30-60 minutes before I finish the workout)
  • Meal/shake within 2 hours post workout.

You'll still pee Plazma but not nearly as much 4-5 servings of Plazma :wink: