Peri-Workout Nutrition

Hello, i train in the morning right after my breakfast, but it is really short time after breakfast, and during my workout i feel bloat and full. I start eat at 6:30am and finish my meal at 7am… start workout at 7:30am so i really feel fool. My breakfast is ( 3dcl Kefir milk, 3dcl soy milk, 3 whole eggs, 125grams oats, 1 banana ).

I recently red article PERI-workout nutrition here on T-Nation. And i would like to ask, would be ok, to just have Peri-workout shakes… ( pre-training, during training, post training…) and after that have jus tmy breakfast like 1 meal after training?
Would that be anabolic and enough for my body after sleeping?

Thank you very much guys for advice.

As far as I remember several guys are training very early and peri-workout is their first meal of the day. As long as your peri-workout is well planned you should no problems.

On my “off days”, I go to the gym at 6, and mag10 is considered my first meal. Never any problems.


If you have fed yourself properly the day before, there should be no issue with training on only periworkout nutrition. If anything trying to get down a slower digesting meal like you are eating will cause your workouts to suffer.

Perhaps you could have the banana first thing along with the part of your periworkout nutrition that you consume before training, so:

6:30 banana
6:45 start periworkout nutrition
7:30 start workout and continue periworkout nutrition until finished whether by the end of your workout or after if you have some left
30-60 minutes after you finish periworkout nutrition: eat your breakfast
2-3 hours after breakfast: eat another moderate to high protein meal with veggies and some carbs

This will likely lead to a better response and recovery from training than if you try to eat too close before.

You will have to experiment to see what works best for you.