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Peri-Workout Nutrition Check


I've been reading up on peri-workout nutrition but wanted to ask.

Currently my morning looks like this.

5:00; wake up, 2 scoops Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth Formula
6:00; start working out, 2 scoops Surge Recovery throughout my workout
7:15; scoop or 2 of Power Drive
7:30; solid meal
8:00; go to work
10:00; 2 scoops Grow! Whey
Noon; solid meal

I don't really have the money to spend on the ANACONDA Protocols or FINiBARs. I try to only buy the necessities such as Grow! Whey, Power Drive and Surge Recovery. Just a casual lifter here looking to gain as much as possible. Any advice on how I can optimally use these supplements would be great.

Btw, I have 2 tubs of leftover ANACONDA and 1 tub of leftover Surge Workout Fuel to use, but don't plan on purchasing any more. Like I said, I try to spend my money on Grow! Whey, Power Drive, and Surge Recovery.


Looks pretty solid. Here's how I'd modify your protocol with your available options:

5:00 - Wake up, 2 scoops Grow! Whey in H20
5:30 or 5:45 - One serving Surge Workout Fuel
6:00 - 2 Scoops Surge Recovery throughout workout
7:00 - scoop or two of Power Drive
7:30 - solid meal consisting of animal protein, green veggies, and fish oil or other healthy fat of your choice
8:00 - go to work
10:00 - 2 scoops Metabolic Drive Growth Formula
Noon - solid meal similar to first

Thibs would most likely suggest you cycle in your remaining ANACONDA as much as you can--perhaps twice a week for workouts. In this case, you might consider the following:

5:00 - Wake up, 2 scoops Metabolic Drive Growth Formula
6:00 - begin workout, 2 scoops ANACONDA and one serving of either Surge Recovery or Surge Workout Fuel during
...keep the rest the same

You have tons of options. Even consider solid food like oatmeal with Grow! Whey mixed in upon waking up then your various peri-workout protocols. This would help increase the longevity of your available supplements too. Just find the protocol that you believe your body responds best to.

Hope that helps. Let me/us know how it goes!



Thank you I appreciate your help.

Here's what this morning looked like.

5:00 - wake up, 2 scoops MD Growth Formula
5:45 - 1 scoop of Anaconda, 1 scoop of Surge WF
6:00 - 2 scoops of Surge Recovery throughout workout
7:00 - scoop or two of Power Drive (depending how I feel)
7:30 - solid meal
8:00 - work
10:00 - 2 scoops Grow! or MD Growth

I may try to eliminate MD Growth because Grow!/oats is so much cheaper. If I do that I can probably muster a few extra dollars for a tub of SWF/Anaconda. Then I will just replace everything that says MD Growth with Grow!/oats and continue with the above protocol.

If I don't continue buying SWF/Anaconda, I will just continue with my previous protocol from my first post.


^^re-read your post. I will take my Anaconda with my Surge Recovery DURING my workout, as opposed to with SWF BEFORE my workout.

Also, you suggested using my Anaconda as much as possible, possibly 2 times a week. As a easy way of doing things, I'll probably use Anaconda every other workout. Since I run a 3 way split, I'll end up using my Anaconda pretty evenly.


Sounds good, man.


Thanks for the help bro