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Peri-Workout Nutrition and Cardio Confusion

Hello,Mr. Thibaudeau

I’m a big fan of yours.I’ve read every damn article of yours,as well as “The Black Book of Training”

I have one question about the peri-workout nutrition.
Currently,I am trying to gain some weight,I am using the carb-cycling codex :slight_smile: I am confused,my peri-workout is big dose of BCAA+citrulline and creatine monoydrate.And I’m doing a little cardio after the weight training,except after leg day :smiley: (mostly some intensive jump ropes,or a few sprints).Currently,I am drinking maltodextrin (because there’s no cyclic dextrin products in my country) post-workout with whey isolate.So,the question is - If I add some maltodextrin/waxy maize/vitargo to my shake during the workout,my insulin would be high and it would be very beneficial for the faster absorption of nutrients,but that way when insulin is high and I do cardio,would I even burn any fat ? Because,as far as I know HIGH INSULIN=No fat burn.If it’s not a good idea,I might just move the cardio to my off-days,which I planned for active recovery.What would you recommend me to do ? Thank you in advance for the response !

First losing fat is not just about what you burn during the workout, its mostly about the physiological changes that go on in your body after training.

It is true that you mobilize less fat when you have carbs pre-workout. BUT it is also true that you will have a LOWER CORTISOL REPONSE and a LOWER AMPK RESPONSE which means less catabolism and you will have a greater mTOR activation which means more anabolism. So in essence your body will be in a better muscle-building more and being in that mode favors getting leaner because a) you need nutrients and calories to build muscle, which wont be stored as fat because you used them up to build muscle and b) you will increase muscle insulin-sensivity which means that you will store in the muscles more easily than in the fat cells. So the end result might very well be more fat burned over a 24 hours period.

No to mention that I find it to be a bad idea to get inferior muscle-building results from your workout in hope of using maybe a few grams of fat more during the workout.

Also, BCAA are nice but if you want a maximum anabolic response to your training you need the full amino acid Spectrum in your bloodstream while training. BCAA, especially leucine turn on mTOR which initiâtes protein synthesis, but if you don’t have the full spectrum of amino acids in you, you wont have all the bricks to build the muscles.

Where do you live, because I’m pretty sure that Biotest can ship PLAZMA almost everywhere. I hate it when people try to design their own formula in hope of saving some money… in reality they often end up wasting their money because they aren’t really helping their results.

First,thanks for the response! I’m really glad you responded to my question.I’ll have in mind that BCAA’s are not optimal.

I’m from Bulgaria and the shippings from USA are even more expensive than the products I’ve liked for example.That’s one of the bad things…And BIOTEST is not distributed by the supp stores in here,so the only option is from your site,with pretty expensive shipping.That’s the bad thing,because BIOTEST has one of the best products :slight_smile: