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Peri-Workout Ideas?

I’ve been doing a fair bit of reading lately on the whole peri/para workout nutrition subject, from sources here on T-Nation and good old Google.

Being located in Australia getting my hands on Biotest supps is difficult so I deffinitely need an alternative to the Anaconda Protocol.

I was wondering how something like this would go down:

9:00 - Breakfast (P+C)

10:30 - Whey + Dextrose + Creatine

11:00-12:00 (training) - Whey + Dextrose

1:00 - Solid P+C Meal.

I am well aware CT said that using supps other than those prescribed the Anaconda Protocol would be less than optimal but I am wondering if this would be a viable alternative or should I stick with the regular PWO (Whey+Dextrose straight after and a solid meal 1-1.5 hours later)?

I do something very similar to you, being in england alsomales getting hold of Biotest supps impracticable. Howeer i use Bcaas instead of whey during the workout as i feel(and have heard/read) whey is too slow in digestion to really be effective during thr workout.

I also personally wouldnt have dextrose 30 mins pre wo, i have the whey and creatine 45 mins pre but woulnt take any dextrose until 10 mins pre, such a high GI i worry that hypoglycemic rebound would have resulted by 30inutes, but that could just be me being picky. Just my take on it x

I wouldn’t worry about drinking anything during workout if you are going to eat/drink something before and after workout unless your workout is really long.

The one thing I remember about what CT said was that Whey is Insulinogenic, wich means it needs carbs to be optimally effective and the hydrolyzed casein protein is not. If you don’t want all that dextrose, I would suggest trying to get your hands on Casein or casein mixed with whey. for the pre and post. add Some Leucine or BCAAS to the mix…

I enjoy a mixture of equal parts vanilla whey, dextrose, and tang. Vitamin fortified and supremely delicious; like an orange creamscicle. I only drink it during long lifting sessions and definitely notice a difference.

Thanks for all the responses guys.

I have done a bit more research and have been using Berardi’s recommendation of one whey (0.2-0.4g/kg), dextrose (0.4-0.8/kg)and creatine (5g) shake immediately before/during and the same directly after training. Only been a week so can’t really say how its going.

I have another question though, if doing long durations of cardio such as 2 hour MMA sessions or 8 hour days of Krav Maga which I’ll be doing in a couple of weeks for an Instructors Course, would a Whey Dextrose shake work to fight off catabolism? Even just the Whey? I understand BCAA’s are often used for this sort of things but I don’t see why Whey wouldn’t be effective given its fast digestion rate?