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Peri Workout, Gatorade?


So i know that carbs should mostly be consumed in the peri workout window. Im on a cutting diet with very low carbs during the day and the biggest carb meals are pre and post. I know that Biotest has some intra workout stuff, but its too expensive for me to upkeep while being in school. Would gatorade work during my workout as well? My preworkout consists of either rice and steak or oats and whatever and post its protein/rice/meat/dextrose.



Just one of the few discussion on the subject over the years.

Overall diet is way more important in the grand scheme of things.


Hmm still doesnt really give me a straight answer . most of these guys are talking about pre workout gatordae shake. I down a bcaa shake on my drive to the gym and wanna know if sipping gatorade during my muscle destruction would be efficient for muscle gain/fat loss in grand scheme of things. Keep in mind most of the day i consume fats and proteins and very little carbs.


Gatorade is fine. I used to use dextrose, now I use Gatorade powder. Don't notice a difference.


I recommend against this for two reasons: Dextrose is greatly to be preferred for this purpose to sucrose which is what Gatorade uses, and it will be less expensive to make your own drink with dextrose, chosen amount of regular salt, and chosen amount of "Lite Salt" (potassium chloride) than to buy Gatorade.

As to how efficient it is for muscle gain / fat loss in the grand scheme of things, it's pretty 1990's at best, but guys were gaining muscle in the 90s and it will be better than doing without, and better than Gatorade. It wouldn't be one of my top choices of how to go though, unless budget demanded in which case it could be a good answer.


hmm it may be tricky to find dextrose in my city, but ill hunt.


Sorry, but I did say ONE of the few discussions here on TNation.

As Bill mentioned, it is mostly sucrose (discussed in posted thread) which replenishes liver glycs. Not the most efficient.

I was giving you a fishing rod, not the fish.

Amazon sells it, btw.

Scoop of whey, dextrose and a little salt (I never put potassium in mine, have to keep that in mind if ever a next time) was the go to before Anaconda came out.

Good luck


Health food stores commonly sell it.


Gatorade with whey isolate was a pre workout staple for me for a long time after Berardi had recommended it. Worked great for me till Plazma came along.


You can get Dextrose tablets or concentrated 15 gram "juice" shots at the aisles near pharmacies at target, wallmart, wallgreens, safeway others. It is used by diabetics.

Old powdered gatorade used to be pure dextrose.

Sucrose is half fructose, but since liver glycogen can be rebuilt from fructose, and very fast, and without reducing the sensitivity of the muscles, some fructose is theoretically good, but most studies I have read say 1/3 net fructose, 2/3 net glucose, and that is more for runners.