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Peri-Workout for Non-Fasted A.M. Training


Hello all,

I'm hoping to change around my peri-workout nutrition plan since I really don't think I'm getting all that I can get out of my current one.

Me: 187 cm tall, 85 kg, leanish (visible abs). Looking to recomp at this weight for about a month to two months and then gain muscle back up to 90 kg. I train for powerlifting and do this mornings before work. I still prefer to have a solid meal about an hour prior to training (oats + eggs).

Currently I take 15 g BCAA and about 30-50 g dextrose/maltodextrin mix during my training followed by 30 g whey/30-50 g dextrose/maltodextrin post.

I have BCAAs, leucine, whey and a CHO mix at my disposal but can also invest in casein hydrolysate. Biotest products are unfortunately too expensive where I live. Does anyone have suggestions for me based on the information that I've provided?

Thanks in advance!


Are Biotest products too expensive even when ordered from the US? Did you only check Biotest UK?
I live in Switzerland and gram for gram Surge Workout Fuel is not expensive at all if compared to what's available here.
On a budget, I'd only have Surge Workout Fuel pre/during and whey after.

Your protocol is not bad at all. Why aren't you happy with it or why do you want to change it?

Anothet thing to consider would be to use Plazma as your obly supplement and drop everything else you possibly take to 'make money' for the Plazma.
I might be biased since I am a huge advocate of Biotest products.


Thanks for your answer! The Biotest stuff is still markedly more expensive than what I have access to at my supplement stores or online here in Germany. Otherwise I'd hop on Plazma.

My recovery is pretty good and I only seldom experience DOMS, although I don't believe I'm doing as much as I can during my pre-/peri-/post-workout period to maximize protein synthesis. While I don't prioritize hypertrophy training, muscle gains are difficult to come by for me and I'd like to optimize my peri-workout nutrition to address this.

I also really have no idea about amino acid timing, CHO intake, insulin etc. and therefore have no clue as to when I should best take the supplements that I have at my disposal.


If you can afford it, you could do something like this:

10min before workout until end of workout:
- mixture of 30g BCAA and 90g carbs (go for dextrose and/or cyclic dextrines and/or malto)

After workout:
- 50g whey protein

Simple, but pretty solid.

I would use the leucine before every soild meal. 5g 3-5 times daily.


Awesome, thanks for the tip! Just out of curiousity, are 90 g CHO intraworkout still advisable if I'm getting that many in about an hour before?

And any tips on how to make leucine more palatable or to improve its solubility? I reckon I lose about 10% of the powder just because it sticks to the cup.


It depends. If your goal is to gain strength and weight, I don't see a problem in the carbs around your workout.

As for the solubility of leucine: don't even try to get it into solution. Simply take a spoonful directly into your mouth and wash it down with some water. That's how I do it.


Cool, gonna give that a shot for a while! Thanks.

Ah, and I reckoned that would be the case with the leucine. It doesn't seem to be available in capsule form, what a pity!