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Peri-WO Nutrition w/ Waxy Maize?


I do not contribute to any forums but I respect the T-Nation community and the extraordinary articles provided to us so much that I have decided to post a question hopefully you guys can help me with.

I am currently doing a 3 day split consisting of Squats, Deads, Standing OH Press and Rear Delts and Forearms sparingly according to energy levels and need. And I plan to switch to twice a day superhero training by my favorite contributerl..CT.

I was always prone to gaining fat around the nipple area leading to a very man-tits look (one of the reasons that I started to train in the first place and learn more about carb intake). Doing 2 cycles in the past ( a very ignorant decision) with only about a year training might have contributed to that also.

So I have been doing this split, max-stim style, which IMO is the best for a natural trainee; along with the assitance of whey, bcaas, creatine, beta-alanine and...waxy maize (WM).

I can swear by the WM as it instantly pulls away the subcutenous water and provies me with equal or even more fuel than those pre-workout supplements. I have been taking about 2 scoops (40 g's/scoop) of WM pre-workout and about 1 scoop during workout. I have also tried doing 3 Scoops pre-during and 1 after...Let me get to the point sorry.

*By either providing science behind your reason or giving insight through your own experience...For maximum lean mass gains (bodybuilding right?) should i load on carbs before and during a workout and not post? or is it better to have some carbs after but just enough to trigger a stronger insulin response than just protein?

Keep in mind that I am speaking about post-workout in the form of combining WM with the bcaas, the possibly having only solid food in the form of protein. Or Should I do just bcaas and then postworkout solid meal including carbs?

I think the best will be to try each approach I mentioned and see whats best but I was wondering if you guys could just share what works best and hopefully there is science behind your experience and I won't have to go through one of those experiments that are doomed to fail in the first place.

Bless all you in your indeavors. There are many ways to God, ours is through our own efforts and pain to realize there is no God closer to save us from the depths of existential despair than ourselves. We are God-like in training.


You should have WM and whey isolate starting about 15-30 mins before working out to about an hour after the end of the workout (continuously). WM is just a huge, branched polysaccharide (it's referred to as amylopectin - http://www.vivo.colostate.edu/hbooks/pathphys/digestion/basics/polysac.html) that's digested very quickly, so it'll substantially increase your blood glucose and insulin. This provides a highly anabolic environment for your muscles during the workout, and gives you the energy to go hard for an extended period.

Consuming whey isolate prior to exercise has been shown to inhibit muscle damage, increase muscle gain, and speed up recovery (http://www.nutritionalreviews.org/wheyprotein.htm), so you should have that before/during the workout as well. Combine the two and you're set. Then have a nice PWO meal.


That makes sense but wouldn't taking BCAA's Pre and During Workout prove to be more beneficial than whey isolate since whey still needs to be digested unlike BCAAs that go directly into your muscles. Since digestion pulls some blood into your stomach to help with that process it might be taking the blood away (even if its miniscule amounts) that could of been used to give you a better 'pump'.


Isolate is chock full of BCAA and it is VERY easily absorbed and digested. I can't say anything regarding which is more effective. Don't have personal experience, and there aren't studies out there. It seems like splitting hairs to me though.

Digestion will be halted if you're pushing hard enough, that's not going to cause any loss of pump/performance. If anything, you might get nausea if you're really kicking ass.