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Peri-Practice/Sparring Nutrition?



Just wondering if I should be treating practice(boxing), as I would a typical weight workout? It's a sport with weight classes, maintaining muscle and strength would be a priority for me while dropping fat to be as competative as possible.

Just looking for some suggestions. BCAAs? Casein-Hydosolate? ANACONDA Protocol? All of the above?



don't over sweat about it, but if the train is longer than 1 hour and very strenuous i recommend gatorade or something like that so that you don't feel too fatigued.

People have done things without those shits for years.

You would have to have a iron stomach to do ANACONDA Protocol while sparring


doesnt really matter, as long as you have the energy to do what you need to. if you're working hard and want to conserve muscle take some bcaas. imo you dont need anything heavy like a shake as you'll throw it up. i eat a meal an hour and a half before hand then i have some kinda caffeine/glucose drink if my energy dips


BCAAs will be fine.


ice cold water
maybe a snickers bar if you're training over 90 mins.


some Gatorade (or in my case Powerade just because I like the taste better) works wonders.. if you're really worried about losing muscle, take some protein powder. but make sure you stay hydrated, especially when ingesting protein. water in my opinion is the most important peri-workout drink, followed by sports drinks (gatorade), then supplements (w/protein, etc)


I treat my training, martial arts or weights, the same in terms of "peri" nutrition. Carbs and protein meal 90-120 mins beforehand, BCAA just before starting. I'll often take a little caffeine powder before a session that I know is going to be especially tough.
Just the same as weight training, i believe the idea of ingesting nutrients during the workout is ridiculous unless the workout is VERY long.


If you can eat while you're boxing, you ain't boxing.


or he is iron man.


Or Butterbean. Or James Toney. Or the old George Foreman.


Or the double rainbow mma fighter


agree wholeheartedly....If my training is in the morning I go on an empty stomach, In the PM 40- 50 grams of carbs, protein and a bit of fat. Depends on if I'm dropping weight, if that's the case then i go protein and fat only.


Wow, i hate training while feeling hunger, it bothers me as hell and i feel weak, i just did it a couple of times for lack of time.


I actually feel more energized some how, i also take a green tea extract and any potent energy pill or spike energy drink to get me going and focused. About the last 10-15 minutes of Training my motivation becomes breakfast though lol


every train that felt hunger in the middle i would binge eat after it.


I tried to use MAG-10 but it was too heavy. Used Surge Workout Fuel with good results. Obviously this wouldn't help if you were trying to cut weight.


What were you training? boxing? you guys are insane.


@Kaiser yeah boxing...I thought that at first too, til I made it through feeling strong. I can only Train fasted in the morning though, any other time of the day I have to have "pre-workout" nutrition and since joining T-Nation I've become pretty anal about what I eat before ANY training session now


T-Nation gave me paralysis by analysis of what to eat before training.


OP know your body. If you can train fasted, go for it. If it effects your training or recovery, try a few things. I personally use Surge because it keeps me focused, hydrated, and energetic. I try to never use caffeine because it doesn't help me think and tends to make me more hungry. Remember the importance of proper pre/peri/post workout nutrition is maximum recovery and growth. We can take the recovery aspect as fighters and apply some principles.

I've taken Surge/MAG-10 during jiu jitsu and didn't notice a difference from plain old Surge and didn't have any problems keeping it down. Although I've never thrown up from lifting or training.