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Peri and Para Workout Nutrition


Im very confused on what these two things are. I know that the Peri- is like getting in some nutrients during a workout, but i cant really find what type of nutrients or at point during the workout or anything. and i really dont know what the Para- is. can someone please explain, or at least post a link to an article that will? thank you in advance.


peri and para workout nutrition are the same thing.
I think peri stands for perimeter - as in what you consume around (before, during and after) the workout
I think para stands for parallel


I don't know if there has been an explanation from CT on how he uses the terms, but what I gather is that these fairly-newly-coined terms refer to during-workout nutrition ("peri") or the entire time window around the workout including before, during, and immediately after ("para.")

I would not look to the Greek meanings of the prefixes to resolve the issue. That would be prescriptive definition, not descriptive; and while I prefer prescriptive when there is extensive past use wherein actual use was the same as the prescriptve, that is not the case here.

Not that anyone really wanted that second paragraph :slightly_smiling:


ok thanks. but what type of food should be eaten in the middle of a workout?


Honestly, seeing your other thread, I think you're worried about the wrong things. Supplements are supposed to supplement your FOOD. Get your eating straight first.


You may not want or need any solid food during training, especially if you're training for an hour or less like many people on this site.

I've become a Surge Workout Fuel junkie since it makes a noticeable difference in my training, but as a beginner this may be overkill for your needs.

I think what you eat prior to training is likely more important anyway.

Let us know what you're eating throughout the day and I'm sure members will give you some good feedback.


well i wasnt aware that the peri-wrkout nutrition was suppose to be a supplement or solid food


Well i dont have a set meal everyday or anything, but i pack my lunch for school and work, which ussually consists of anyhing i can find with protein in my house. PB&j sanwiches, ham sandwiches, protein bars, fruit. i try to eat something before workout, like ramen noodles or oatmeal, and post workout eat dinner, which always has a something heavy in protein (lasguana, steak, chicken, hotdogs, meatlovers pizza) along with 3 cups worth of milk. But i do try to eat whenever i can. i have a huge appetite, and the only thing that i would say that holds my eating 'back' in anyway is that i have alot of ppl in my family and we arent the most finacially gifted people. but i do eat as much and as often as i can