Performing Glute Walks?

How do you perform these?

[quote]Brendan B wrote:
How do you perform these?[/quote]

I’m a little bit happy to say that I have no idea. Where’d you hear of the exercise?

I think that’s when you drag your ass across the floor like a dog…

Not sure of the proper form, but I’ll ask my mutt this afternoon.

Ive seen these before, and their is no point at all. All you do is walk along, or rather shuffle along the floor on your bum. Thats all their is to it.

Are you talking about “Waterbury Walks”?

Its when you do a deadlift, step forward, bring your other foot forward, put the bar down, pick it up, and repeat…

I found out after doing some searching. They are also know as “Glute Medius Walks.” These are preformed by wrapping a mini band around your legs at the knee caps, or above the ankles and shuffling from side to side. These activate your glutes.