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Performing a 'Flag' Move Off a Soft Surface


Not sure where to post this...

Is it possible to perform a "flag" (holding the body fully extended and perpendicular to vertical surface, usually a wall or a pole) off a soft surface like a rope or a curtain? The rope in particular seems like it would be incredibly difficult. Does anybody here have any experience with this movement?


I could be looking at it wrong but I would think it would be nigh impossible to pull that off. You're practically doing it one handed using your upper hand.

Typically, the bottom hand would be pushing against the surface while your upper hand is doing the pulling. If your bottom hand doesn't have anything to push against, the move won't go very smoothly.


Your bottom hand would have to pull the rope down to create the tension to push against. Really hard!


Ed Zachary!


OP needs to read up a little bit on Newtonian mechanics...


I've always realized it would be very difficult to perform this and that the tension would have to be supplied by the lifter pulling the rope, or whatever, apart. I was just wondering if anybody knew of a freak who was capable of doing it. A very strong upper body which includes massive grip strength and a very slight lower body would be absolutely required.


What I was getting at is that it's physically impossible. If you would like me to explain why, I'm happy to elaborate.