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Performance Training w/Limited Equipment

Age: 18
Height: 6’3"
Weight: 90kg (~200 lbs)

Hi all,

I’m looking to return to rugby after two years out. Following my departure from the sport, I lost a lot of my fitness and strength. For the last 8 months or so, I’ve gained a lot of strength from advanced bodyweight exercises. Now, I’ve just ordered a barbell, which should hopefully arrive in a number of days. My question is, with my equipment being a pull up bar and barbell only, what would be the best way to train? I need more than just maximal strength and size, I need explosive power, speed and conditioning. The problem arises when I try to develop all these qualities with one regime.

I won’t be getting any new equipment for a while (money).

Starting Strength is often touted around here, among other forums for beginners, so it’s obviously a fantastic routine. But without a squat rack, is the value of the program significantly compromised? Would Zerchers and/or weighted One Legged Squats be worthy substitutes? I also haven’t a bench, but I prefer weighted push ups, so no problem there. The other problem is that SS focuses on maximal strength only. While I know explosive strength improves with maximal strength, it still needs to be trained on its own due to its importance in sport. I also feel that doing conditioning work on “off days” or after workouts could drain my energy for the progressive overload that Rippetoe’s program demands.

WS4SB could be molded into my needs, I could try that too.

Or would I be better off creating my own routine that specifically addresses my needs? This is tempting, but it’s often asked why beginners feel the need to create there own routines when there are many tried and tested programs out there.

I need extra mass, but I’m not going to train specifically for that, rather, I’ll eat enough to gain mass, and train for sport-related performance.

Thanks for any help, it’s appreciated.

Just getting bigger and stronger will make a huge difference for rugby. What position are you playing? Work on getting your numbers up, by following a program designed for that. Whatever training you do with your team will likely be enough for the sports specific aspect. If not, you can add in what you feel is necessary. PM if you want more details.