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Performance on Saudi Idol


…the fuck?

thats pure black wican

Was he reaching out for some imaginary sandwich?

He’s the new Saudi Susan Boyle.

check this out


The shots of his feet moving made me LOL.

[quote]leaftye wrote:
He’s the new Saudi Susan Boyle.[/quote]

As far as looks go, I suppose. Susan Boyle just sold more than a million copies worldwide in one week, hell she did 700k in the US and 400k in the UK alone. I think only the new Eminem album did a millie worldwide in a week this year until now.

I don’t know where/how exactly did she market the album. I didn’t even know she had one coming out until a week before. It’s insane.

[quote]spyoptic wrote:
check this out
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ginMlISn5X0 [/quote]

LMFAO!!! Ken Lee??

Wow,… I don’t know where to even start commenting -lol