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Performance Enhancers for Sprinting?


What are the best performance enhancers for sprinting? I do not care about the legality of the substance, I will not be tested.


There was a kinda fast dude named Ben Johnson who tested positive for Winstrol.


He said himself he was taking PED's but not Winstrol. It's a subject i've been looking into myself.

Whats you're training like?

A base of the cycle of maybe 250mg/week test will improve your recovery greatly.

I've read things about wonstrol being good for sprinting but it's related to a lot of joint injury's.
OT is another that i've read is good, i will be trying that myself soon.
Look into Masteron,EQ helps with endurance, increasing RBC count.

Here's a thread i had on a similar subject, but there's not much info on it but save my typing the same thing again!



what are your stats? Age/height/weight... length of training


I read parts of that book, the coach said he had his sprinters taking Dbol. I would have to assume he was taking a very small dose, because at a bodybuilding dose of Dbol my shins get so outrageously pumped I can barely walk to my car, let alone run or god forbid, sprint.


22, 5-10, 170

i need something for this season, my last year, i dont have to worry about getting tested. Ive been seriously weight lifting for 2 years now.


Does increasing RBC help for short distances though? i thought cyclists used EQ?