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Performance Beast Training for Type 3

Hello, coach. Can a type 3 do the performance beast program? I am just about done with your physique training program. I have had amazing results. Truly love the program. Going forward, I am conflicted between type 3 program or as the title suggests the PBT program. In essence, I am tall and lean. I want to maintain what I have received from your current program. Strength and being lean are my goals. Thank you for your input.

Well technically no, it’s not great for a type 3 and anyway it is not geared toward your specific goal.

You could actually go with the “strong as you look plan” as it will be well suited for your goal and the higher frequency on the main lifts will suit a type 3. But from experience, the thing with type 3s is that if they have the whole plan in advance and they have a decent amount of training experience, they can handle almost everything because having the plan in advance takes out a lot of the anxiety/insecurity that comes from not knowing a long time in advance what you have to do.

Any plan that is well structured, logical and detailed will work for the non-beginner type 3. At least as long as it sticks to exercises they know or can master quickly.

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Thank you. I actually have the old program. Never got to it, I did the old physique program instead. I recall the old strong as you look did have some exercises I was not familiar with, I will get the new one.