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Performance Athlete-Carb-Loading

I realize this is probably not the forum to ask this question but heck I’ll give it a shot.

In about two weeks will be my soccer try-outs for college in which I want to perform to my max. Does anyone have/knows people who has had experience with carb-loading or at least knows a good way to do it.

I was researching and it seems like all the sites are telling people to first deplete glycogen for 3 days or so and then carb load for 3 days prior to the event at around 60-70% of the calories coming from carbs which is around 3-4g of carbs per lb of body weight. Kind of sounds like the AD in a way but with a shorter low-carb period.

Now for me, who follows a “bodybuilding” type diet seems like alot of carbs, I mean at 170lbs I would have to take around 510g of carbs for 3 stright days. Maybe I will do something like 5 days low-carb and 2 days of high carbs just like the AD.

Any thoughts, experience??

As a former athlete I’d say to just make sure that you are properly fed.

I know soccer is physically demanding and making sure that you have plenty of glycogen is crucial but i don’t think carb loading will help you.

Carb loading for athletes imo only benefits marathon runners and triathlon competitors.

In your case where the practices shouldn’t be more than 3 hrs of hardcore running I’d say to just make sure you are properly fed.

Maybe 3 days prior eat more pasta/rice, etc. Like a mini carb load over your regular diet, just don’t eat too much where you are bloated on the field. lol This should be more than enough. I wouldn’t mess with trying to deplete and refill as this could leave you screwed, especially being so close to tryouts.

I played basketball and baseball in high school and baseball for my first few years of college. Now it’s on to bodybuilding.

Good luck man.