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Perform Like An Athlete Modification


Through my first cycle and looking to modify for cycle 2…

(1) replace bench press with jerk or power jerk because I think this will have most benefit to an increase in strict press strength which is a priority - I plan to do DB bench press as assistance exercise on the other day (superset with the high pull or deadlift)

(2) replace snatch grip deadlift with conventional deadlift because I think this will aid my form with the clean which I currently perform before each strict press and push press. I intend to go back to snatch grip for cycle 3, conventional for cycle 4 etc… (but will need to test both snatch grip and conventional every test week so I have my training weights appropriate)

(3) Already replaced back squat with front squat (more carryover and more knee friendly) - I intend to keep with this.

(4) Replaced the power snatch with a full snatch (really hard work - technically and on the old heart) - I’m pretty sure heavy snatches, once I’m capable, will be a great workout on their own!

(5) Perform the snatch before the high pull so that I’m fresh for the more technical lift (I pull twice as much as I snatch right now).

I’m always keen to hear constructive criticism and thoughts…