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'Perfectly-Sized' Flameout Shipments


So I noticed that when I order my Metabolic Drive in quantities of 6, it comes in a nice perfectly sized box which is specifically made for 6 bottles of Metabolic Drive. This is nice since it keeps things neat where I store my Metabolic Drive in my basement.

Question is, how many Flameout would I need to order to have it shipped in a "Perfectly-made-for-that-quantity" sized box? Weird question, I know, but it would be nice if I could have them kept together instead of rolling around at the bottom of my deep-freezer.


Yes, that is a wierd question. y not put them in an old Metabolic Drive box?


12 per box.


Question is: are you a bit OCD??


I got two of those boxes when the Vanilla Classic Grow! went on clearance to clear room for Metabolic Drive Complete. Does the box really matter that much to you?


shocker that you knew this :wink:

I leave my extra unopened stuff in my cabinet


Is it really necessary to deep freeze the Flameout? It probably lasts quite a while in the first place. Seeing as you live within the U.S. then shipping costs probably arent that big of an issue in the first place so why not order only 3-4 at a time?


This is what I would like to know. How long is it good sealed and in the cupboard?