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Perfecting Steroid Use With Science


Well, I may be way off base, but I thought this would be a really neat idea for a thread.

My purpose in mind is with the idea that some of us are well versed in many aspects of physiology/pharmacology/biochemistry, while being quite novice in well-rounded AAS knowledge. Some of us are the other way around. I myself am novice with AAS knowledge, but am very proficient with respect to the other disciplines listed above. Obviously, the two overlap to a degree.

I wanted to propose this thread where members of both sides of the playing field and novices of both alike can ask questions and share knowledge/formulate ideas based purely on the science of AAS use (the questions would include more why and how rather than what, and through these questions formulate further ideas about perfecting cycles etc...)

I am a firm believer in understanding the modes of action and mechanisms of drugs I will be taking, as it is an important part in understanding the changes they induce in the body.

I'd be really excited if this thread took off. Let me know what you think.

-Joey D


I'm pretty sure most of the 'why' has been covered. There are very few topics that are poorly understood, and they remain that way due to a lack of scientific studies. With no research we can only speculate based on physiological principles. Some examples I can think of are: ultimate oral cycle, various PCT protocols such as tapering, peptides, and front-loading vs. not. Each of these has been quite recently discussed, but those discussion went as far as they could in the manner you described above, but unfortunately no true conclusion can be drawn. You have a great idea, but sadly AAS use and the 'why' have gone about as far as they can.


Ah, this is true. Sadly, I guess I'll have to scrap this idea.