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Perfecting PCT


Coming up on my last week of a 14 week Test E cycle at 500mg/week. Cycle went really well, all my big lifts increased very nicely and put on 15 solid pounds. Most importantly got faster, quicker and stronger. Definitely more explosive as an athlete.

Had originally planned to use clomid starting 2 weeks after last pin at 100/50/50/50 for my 4 weeks of pct.

But what is making me reconsider my pct is the fact that I had adex on hand to use at the first sign of estro sides. Started seeing some puffy nipples and water retention around week 4 if i recall correctly and started taking adex immediately. Worked well for that but as I near my pct I am not sure when to come off adex since I have read it does not work well with SERMS during PCT(or vice versa). Since I am worried about estro sides/gyno should I take nolva during my already planned clomid pct at 40/40/20/20 along with some aromasin since it does not interfere with nolva or clomid? if so how do you recommend dosing?

Sorry for sounding like my thoughts are a little jumbled. I appreciate anyone who took the time to read this.


a-dex doesn't work well with nolva, but does not have the same interaction with clomid. you could easily take it up until PCT, and transition into a SERM then.

i'm not a fan of clomid, but if you choose to use it, you don't need to run it at 100 mg... it's been shown numerous times to be effective at 25-50 mg/day. PCT should be 6-8 weeks though.... i'm not sure why so many people think it needs to be 4 weeks.


i did half a tab of clomid for 20 days on a similar cycle to yours
also a friend did 12.5 mg of clomid and it also worked
i took 50 mgs one day out of the 20 and i got spots it doesnt agree with me and i dont think it agrees with many even @ 50mg perday do 25 mg man and get some tamoxifen (nolvadex) bout the 3rd day in my balls were huge kept trapping them in between my legs man haha
i also never got no gyno twitches or anything but i never had any through my cycle


Okay good to know. I'll continue taking adex and begin tapering down slowly up until around starting pct maybe a bit after I start pct.

I'll take your advice @cycobushmaster and run pct for a longer period of time. I have enough clomid on hand for the following: clomid 50/50/25/25/25 and an additionally 4 days of 25mg for a total of 5.5 weeks of PCT. I could always get more and/or add something else to the mix.

Anything else anyone would recommend or critique on my PCT?