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'Perfect' Test, No PCT?


I have a friend that runs a compounding pharmacy. He makes everything you can think of there. Anyway he claims that his test is so pure that it will not cause any side effects as far as estrogen is concerned. There fore he claims post cycle therapy is unnecessary. Is this even possible. Purity is one thing and minimal sides I could understand....but no pct??? I'm not sure it's possible.


anyone who tells you his test is so good you won't need a PCT is not really your friend

if you think you understand purity and minimal sides, then you don't actually understand hormones at all.


Ya I get that. I'm referring to someone who gets test on the black market or from some guy who makes it in his bath tub vs someone who gets it directly from a compounding pharmacy or dr. Trust me I've done enough research to know better. But don't want to argue with someone such as my friend that clearly understands chemicals and drugs better than me, hence he runs a compounding pharmacy. It's not that he wouldn't give me nolva if I wanted it but just that he believes his chems are so pure that it doesn't require it. I'm really asking is it at all possible, maybe some new discovery....idk


This is a giant, steaming pile of shit. Testosterone no matter how "perfect" will shut down natural production. Period. Your "friend" is an ass. Purity will make no difference to need for PCT.


Couldn't agree more just didn't know if there was something I missed.


I'm afraid the answer is... No. Exogenous test will suppress your natural test. Doesn't matter if it's made by some crackhead in the blood-spattered bath tub of his trailer, or by sentient robots with an IQ of 10,000,000 in a topic secret laboratory in a bunker underneath the White House.

Once you add in an outside source of the hormone, your body stops making its own. When this happens, you need a SERM to restart.

Plenty guys use pharmaceutical grade test. They still need a PCT.

Your mate either doesn't know as much about chemicals as you think, or he's just plain full of shit. It could be just that he doesn't understand PCT, which is probably the most likely explanation. He's a chemist not a doctor, after all.


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you would be surprised.. the best tren ace I ever got was made by a fat guy in a hotel room on a table that was covered in old pizza boxes

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Those were all my responses as well, like I said didn't know if I missed something. Apparently I didn't miss anything.


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