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Perfect RX

Anyone here ever try Perfect RX by Nature’s Best?? Opinions??

Yeah, it sucks! It taste like shit and made me feel sick after trying it. They get one good mark from me, and that’s the fact that it mixes EASILY with a spoon. Otherwise, I think that stuff is junk.

tastes like crap

I have to agree. Nature’s Best was the first MRP I had ever used (about 1 1/2 years ago). It was less expensive than other brands and it was being sold right out of the gym… Tasted gross and turned my stomach!!!

you guys obviously havent tried the solid protien blueberry cheesecake bar they make! i endorse them with the ambitious nature of a sales rep for the company, trust me they are GOOD!

robusto…no shit, the bars are good. But he’s asking about the powdered shake (PerfectRx), not the bars

Their Isopure is the ONLY protein/MRP I’ll use besides Grow/Advanced. The stuff’s great, but does it taste different than the Perfect Rx?

Thanks guys