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Perfect Rep Questions

hey guys,
I’m a powerlifter and am trying to incorporate this style of training into my lifts. I’ve noticed i can;t really go heavy at all, is this ok? What i mean by that is on average my weights for the maximal force sets stay within 65-75% of my 1rm.

 i noticed doing 75% for bench for instance which was considered my maximal force weight, set bar speed was significantly slower on the second rep than the first, and slower than the previous sets, so I terminated at two reps and went back down and kept the weight at least 10lbs less than my maximal force weight when wave loading. Is that alright? Am i expected to be pushing up 90% of my max some days too? i imagine I base most stuff off of feel too, as in some I feel stronger.

Do you guys get fired up for your max force sets too, I don't mean sniffing ammonia or butting the bar but like I'm grunting through the sets thinking of once the eccentric phase is done someone fires off a gun or its a race?

Also, when I terminate the sets for the exercise i usually feel a certain emotion like drained or pissed off, just feel different than when I originally went in. Now if I have two pressing exercises say bench press and shoulder press how do I determine when to terminate bench and move to shoulder press, would they not counteract each other. Would i just bail on one if I'm already taxed?

Currently I lift 3x a week,
day 1
Power Squat
Oly Squat

Day 2
shoulder press
oly squat

Day 3
Oly Squat
RDL or Sumo deadlift (ever other week switch between them)
bench Press