Perfect Rep on One Exercise Per Bodypart?

I have been doing the perfect rep for my deadlifting, benching, and front squatting. Would it kill the entire CNS activation that I got from my bench press, if I did lets say DB bench press for 5x4 with a constant weight a few exercises later? Or should I just not do anymore chest exercises after doing the perfect rep with BP? thanks

If you did your bench pressing correctly, i.e. “perfect rep style”, you should actually be able to dumbbell press higher weights then without bencg pressing first.
Your cns will be very alert by the time you move to de db bench press and motor unit activation will be very efficient.

If you do your bench press, move over to the dummbells and notice that your wiped out, you probably worked beyond the MFP on the bench press and did too much grinding.

The question is, if the additional movement offers some added value. Personally I do 6-8 sets of 3 on the bench press, reduce the weight by 20% and do another 5 sets with 5 reps. I prefer sticking to the bench press and not moving to another exercise.

wow thats interesting. now considering what you said, is the whole point of the “perfect rep” to prime the CNS, so your body can lift heavier on other lifts? for example, after you do deadlifts using “the perfect rep” as well as the 5x5 routine you described, would you do any other back exercise later on in your workout or not? Im still kinda confused about how much you should do and what you should do after you complete “the perfect rep” part of an exercise. thanks in advance.