Perfect Rep AND 'Damn Good Routine'

You can accuse me of being dumb and not understanding but please don’t tell me I haven’t read and searched for this information.

I’m having trouble incorporating the perfect rep idea to Thibs article “How to design a damn good program.” For the most part I understand jist of auto regulation but not the specifics. Everyone says you can’t have a set volume per week due to auto regulation.

I’m not grasping this fully because I would think there has to be some “target” to aim for. In the “How to design a damn good program” article two of the templates Thibs lays out for size are:

E: Antagonist

Day 1: Chest/Back
Day 2: Recovery
Day 3: Biceps/Triceps
Day 4: Quads/Hamstrings
Day 5: Recovery
Day 6: Anterior and lateral delts/Rear delts
Day 7: Recovery


H: Upper/Lower

Day 1: Lower body
Day 2: Upper body
Day 3: Recovery
Day 4: Lower body
Day 5: Recovery
Day 6: Upper body
Day 7: Recovery

Now the first one has Quads being trained once a week and the other you’d normally do it twice due to the split. Also in the article is he says how many reps are good for size or strength and then recommends a range of sets for each muscle group. Now loaded with this info I would know how to distribute my volume over the two templates I just showed. Obviously the once a week would have more volume and the twice a week would have it more distributed.

Yet, now for the perfect rep there is no volume suggestions due to auto regulation. I know there is the whole 3 reps for 6 sets and use ramping and auto regulation. But how do I know how much volume I should be putting into a once a week split compared to a multiple times a week split?

So if I did perfect rep and for my quads did 3 exercises with the 3x6 ramping method for each exercise…and did that for the twice a week split…would I just double that workload if I was to train quads only once? If so, I had a great GUESS…that’s all it is because I have no basis for comparison on my workload.

I’m sure I’m not understanding something and I’ve honestly searched a lot, so if anybody can give me and positive feedback…or just guidance…tell me what to search for, because I tried I promise.

Thanks for taking the time guys.

id say this is something you have to work on and find out for yourself, not everything has an answer.

that being said, your not training your quads twice in the second example. its lower body twice. you can split this up into a hamstring/posterior chain day, utilizing deadlifts, back extensions, leg curls etc, on the first lower body day. on the second lower body day focus on squat movements. this would probably be the easiest way to start

on autoregulation, if you feel like shit dont lift as much or as hard as when you feel great. take a few days off. or, if you are really owning the weights, do a little more work than usual. it takes time though, so keep at it