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Perfect Push-Up Device?

Has anyone tried the perfect pushup device that allows for hand rotation? Looks interesting but wanted some feedback before I buy.


Last time I was at Chicks Sporting Goods, they were cool about letting me open up a box and try them out.

I liked it. It really did feel like the rotator cuff and those other deep down shoulder muscles were getting good stimulation. I use regular pushup bars all the time and the difference was significant. Too bad they were charging $44.99 for it.

time tested perfect push up device for full range pushups and plyo pushups.

The perfect push up device is the floor.

You can rotate your hands to any angle you desire.

You could do the same thing with a pair of ten lb. dumbells as long as you use the round, not hex-shaped ones. The dumbells would even activate more stabilizer muscles, since you have to keep them from rolling out from underneath you.

Get some gymnastics style rings, or blast straps from elitefts. They will do the same thing as the perfect push-up (actually better, because they not only allow rotation but also force you to stabilize to keep hour hands in place). But with the rings/blast straps you can do a ton more exercises (BW Rows, chins, dips, curls, tricep presses, etc.)

Either one would be only slightly more expensive, but waaaaay more useful.


Yeah, I don’t see whats so special about em. Just grab some dumbells like thrasher said

They’re a easy conversation starter when you bring a girl over. It won’t make you as muscular as the infomercial suggests though.

If you have joint trouble, then it’s probably worth considering. Otherwise, it’s too pricey a gadget.

I like the way the commercial specifies that it hits your BICEPS. No push-up will do much for the pulling muscles. Neat idea, but you could just put socks on your hands and do your push-ups on a slick floor.

Honestly I liked the perfect pushup when I tried it. I wouldn’t buy one but if my gym had one I’d be all over it. But if you’re gonna be spendin 20s and 10s on a pushup device you might as well go all out and get some variant of blast straps just so you can do bodyweight rows and other stuff too.

as much as people put them down most devices do work well if you use them. If your going to buy it and commit to doing pushups all the time for the next several months then it will probably help. A friend of mine said he doubled his pushups in a short time with it.

A push up device that activates more shoulder work? Sounds like trouble in the long run. I mean would you do bench to work shoulders primarily?