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Perfect Posture?

So I often have times and events I’m at where I’m standing.
Like, for an hour at a time - unmoving, hands clasped in front of you.
I figure I can take this and use it toward the best by focusing on my posture, and I’ve heard a load of stuff on how to keep things perfect etc.

Now, I understand the concept of anterior pelvic tilt, or correcting it by tightening the glutes. However, while this does feel great for my back, I feel like I can’t help by almost lock my knees when I do this - is that normal or bad?

So, the ever important posture - discuss, describe, etc.
(I’m aware of the Neanderthal No More series, btw. I’m just looking for discussion on the issue)

It’s good to work on improving your posture, but there is never any perfect posture. I once took a seminar from Janda and he spent two whole hours dissecting postural abnormalities on this fellow who looked to have decent posture.

i walk with my face, is that bad?

[quote]WormwoodTheory wrote:
i walk with my face, is that bad?[/quote]

That explains the jacked up mug…