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Perfect Physique


Am I the only one on this site that thinks the perfect physique would look something like Brad Pitt in Troy, just a little bigger? Some of you may say he is "too skinny", but he has damn good muscle definition. My goal is to look something like that, just add another 20 pounds of muscle and I am set.


Yeah your gonna be one of the few that consider that to be the perfect physique..atleast on this site.

Hey if thats what ya want go for it,190 pounds sin't really all that hard to do.


Ya i know im 195 but i dont look like that, i dont have as much ab/oblique definition even though my body fat % is low enough to see abs


I wouldnt mind looking like that myself.


MY ideal physique would be something like Lee Labrada, Franco Columbu, Shawn Ray...because they're all about my height and it seems attainable...


my perfect physique cahnges every time i attain it :wink:


I dunno,I really don't like the idea of the perfect physique..to me the very idea is depressing..even if it takes you ten years to get there..then what?


Sure he was ripped. But if I'm going to lift weights, I'd rather look like I do.


Ideal physique depends on what you are doing...

Runners can have ideal physiques... for running

Bodybuilders can have ideal physiques... for winning a comp.


ideal physique for what?


The Brad Pit thing again?
I'm with Trig on this one on the ideal physique for a specific purpose.
I don't consider cosmetics functional. I would consider them a by product of developement.


The two last sentences are one hell of a statement. Couldn't agree more.



Jean Claude Van Damme had a good overall lean and large look if your not into freakish size.


perfect physique depends on the individual . i've always been impressed by frank zane when he won the olympia.


I wish I had boobs.


Nah, I'd never leave my room.


Asafa Powell? He's not a bad bet if you want to be lean and muscular, probably about teh same weight as brad but i know who would win in a fight and never get caught.


I agree it all depends on what you do/want. It's all subjective.

On that note, I'd say Jackass, (here on T-Nation) has the perfect physique. At least for me and what I'm trying to attain.


Fucking right! I could hide Pitt behind me.


Sorry, but I had to add a little chick flavour to this thread.

Have you ever seen Smith Jerrod on Sex and the City?

He is every girl... sorry woman's real fantasy. Let's face it, Brad's too short.


I don't think Smith Jerrod is gonna score many points among the male population on this site... :slight_smile: