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Perfect Morning

Yeah I had the perfect morning. I mean hey just do not get much better for me. Mornings like this used to average on all my weekends.

Espceially if ya’ll have read any of my earlier post. Youll appreciate the short sweetness of this one.

I woke up at four. The morning wood was on fire, soooooooo I rolled the wifey over and pulled her on the floor and took what I needed, I went back to bed until six.

I made a quick snack for breakfast put on my running shoes went out did a mile and a half.

Pulled my Colnago off the wall stripped down in the drive way got into my cycling gear, and I wound up mooning the neighbor’s wife.

She probably appreciated it he’s fat.

I hit the road and realizing I had plenty of time left in my morning I decided to put in 25 maybe thirty miles depending on the route I took and where it took me. Half way through I was lost and I thought awesome I do not have to head home quick I can enjoy this more.

I made a turn and this dog came runnning after me (I thought I miss having mace on my bike) The owner call(Molly come hear at the dog all nice and shit. The dog stopped for a second, and then continued after me. Next thing the dog was chewing on my shoe, leg, sock and what ever else he could get a hold of.

The she was like just ignore him, so I smacked him in the back of the head with my fist, and rode on.

That was the first reason I should not have turned down that rode but hell it was still fun.

It was to direct of a way home I should have made a left. I only made twenty six miles.

I got home and ran another mile and a half.

I just got done eating a muffin. It was blueberry with butter.

I saw the new Die Hard movie last night. It’s awesomeness influenced my day in very positive ways.

My morning sucked. My afternoon sucked. And the nighttime sucked too.

Hows that?

Wellyour morning night and day could not have sucked as much as Benoits did last week.

Makes you feel any better the rest of my day sucked ass, Hey had another great mornong today, but the rest of the day is pretty well going to suck.

I would like to say it is going to suck camel toe, but no.

pretty much a suck assday planned out for me already.

can’t wait to go back to work.

I woke up made some esperesso and an egg burrito, decided to hike and make lunch. I hiked with my gf for a good few miles before we decided to go absolutely crazy for each other in the woods… Very connecting as if I was connecting to my sacred roots of my human self, i’d recommend it…

Stop undergoing prolonged bouts of aerobic activity; it’s bad for you.


I have done thatin the past, and yeah that would be the perfect morning. I think I need to do that one again.

The evening was that not that bad though I got off twice and got to shoot some awsome pics during the (*&^%)sesscion

Today was great did six and a half mile this morning running, because I did not have enough time to get in a thirty miler on the bike, so thought five miles would probably equate thirty ont the bike. I went passed the goal. I never ran six and a half miles at a one time in my life. I never went over three…

This is good now, for I am not afraid of the next dualathalon.

The best part of this whole thing is I am getting much more tone in my muscle mass than I have been in years.

I have tried endless sit ups (and there variations), cross training, dead lifts but the gut never went away. Now I feel it melting pants are loose, and My bi’s are looking to have a peak.

Hang time during sex is fricken awesome.

Now she wants it more. some things are looking better in my life.

Monday, and who would have ever thought that this would be a perfect day.

I never did think it would,but I got three miles in on my leather person carriers, and a bunch of pull ups.

Found 3.00 in change on the road (all quarters)while running.

Then started in my new position as crew supervisor. When you fuck up it is hard to get back to a lead position. I did it again finally.

I got the most fucked up house to fix up that a person, could possibly get.
I love a challenge. Every one is like shitty luck of the draw, but I know better it is a challenge, and If I had easy shit. I would leave. I know the bosses know that.

So tomorrow I do more miles and more pull ups and prepare, for the attack.

Does any one know if zen and the art of war is still in print?

I woke up this morning with some dude in my bed surrounded by kittens :smiley:


Man that’s rough. DoI askwhatsbehind the story.

I had a big pile of bacon and eggs, 3 cups of coffee and watched 2 episodes of Deadwood (missed the series the first time around). I make best coffee ever.

Did 11 sprint on bike 22 mimutes should not have rested for asecond at half way.

Yeah I’d go with Dead Wood that show rocked never got to watch it much. Talk about reality T. V. Lived and worked with Cowboys.

The standard, and code are real. Should be that way for every one now.

If you can stand a horse shoe up in it, only then is it the best.

This morning was not bad, I wokeup slightly hung over and I ran eight miles.

Now, I have to face the real worldthat sucks.

Rather be cycling running or lifting.