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Perfect Hypertrophy Scenario: What Would You Do?

Just found out I will have near-PERFECT conditions for training over the next six weeks. Wife and kids are heading out of town, I’m working from home, and have 24/7 access to my home gym and refrigerator. I’m also on 350mg Test/wk.

Chronological age is 40, training age is 22, current best lifts are Squat 375x5, Bench 275x5, RDL 405x10, Seated Press 185x5. Current diet is a clean 4,500 a day, causing a gain of 1lb a week.

I’m considering several programs I’ve used in the past, but wanted to hear others’ thoughts.

If you were me, and had these near-perfect conditions, and your goal was max hypertrophy within the next 6wks, what training schedule would you follow?

What does your current routine and diet look like? What sort of results have you been getting with that? This is pretty important to know before people start throwing out ideas


Thanks Stu.

Current routine is full body M/W/F. Alternating two routines. Routine A is Squat, Bench, BB Row. Routine B is RDL, Seated Press, Weighted Chin. On all lifts, I work up to one top end set of 5, and then immediately strip 30% off the bar and do one drop set. I’ve been able to add 5 pounds each week to every exercise except chins for months now. So, strength has progressed fantastically. Size has not. So goal for this PERFECT 6 weeks is pure hypertrophy.

Diet is a clean 4,500 per day (21.5cal/pound BW). Macros are approx. 60%carbs/20%protein/20%fat.

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Nothing to add other than to say this is almost the exact opposite to a perfect hypertrophy scenario for me lol

Whatever has worked for u in the past I reckon. Sleep more. Chill more. If u are finding you are well recovered (soreness + performance) add volume or weight until you find balance between recovery and stimulus = max gains

I think you are doing everything right, maybe rep range should be 8-15.
In any case, if I were you, for max hypertrophy in those conditions I would try Dogcrapp program, not original one, but the one with a little bit more common sense.
I think there is an article here on Tnation covering that.
And I would definetly sleep anf chill as much as possible.
And let us know the results in any case :slight_smile:

Do Colossus by John Meadows. I’t’s 6 weeks long

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What kind of results are you expecting in 6 weeks?


Bulldog, i never expect results. Stopped doing that years ago. Always led to disappointment. I’m just thankful for when they do come around. But I’m gonna train really farkin hard, eat like a pregnant pig, and sleep like an old dog for the next six weeks on SOME program and see what happens.

I would adjust from an A/B, full body kind of routine to a more body part focused split. Maybe push/pull/legs or chest/back/shoulders/legs or something. Maybe the Meadow’s plan. Instead of working up to heavy weights for a top set on 1 exercise I would focus on getting 8-10 sets of failure (divided over a few exercises) for each body part.

More like a hypertrophy plan than a strength plan. With this kind of split you can get more work (volume) per body part/week, plus more rest and recover between workouts. This will allow you to get real intense with your workouts. It’s a big change from what you’ve been doing and that’s always good for some gains.

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Thanks FlatsFarmer. I was seriously considering something along the lines of what you described. Though I don’t know if my CNS can handle 8-10 sets to failure in a workout. I may dial that down a bit.

Seriously looking at Colossus, by Meadows, as one other dude suggested.

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Man if you have more time to try something new maybe try something like that. More than you’d normally do just rest longer between working sets. Be a good experiment see if it gives something back.

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After running a 20rep squat program last month I’m 100% convinced there are no positive physical attributes that high rep squats can not help you achieve. So I’d recommend super squats or similar.


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That’s cool, you gotta do what you can handle.

If you are really trying to change things up consider messing around with some “small,” isolation moves after the big stuff. Things like delt raises or flies that are easier on the CNS and joints, that will allow you to get some extra work in.

Some guys training for hypertrophy specifically pick moves lifts that are less complex, or use lighter loads of where you’re supported on a bench or whatever to limit the impact on the CNS. That’s not mandatory though.

I might bump the protein since the test will have protein synthesis running like a top.

These don’t have to be big movements like squats and RDLs. You need to start thinking like a body builder now. You can keep your big movements (I would) but add reps and add isolation exercises.

This sounds like a good time to pick something different but don’t stray too far. You still need to enjoy yourself. If you’re confident you can lock in for six weeks even if it sucks then pick something that scares you and go for it. Good luck and don’t forget to take some before and after pics and measurements!

Ha ha. Yeah in my younger days, I would have been a disaster. But I’ve been domesticated quite a bit.

Yes! I was definitely considering 20-rep work. I’ve used it, when natural, in the past and it works miracles. Though, I’m looking to include 20-rep Trap Bar Deads, instead, to try and balance out my upper body vs. lower body. My thighs are 26 1/2 inches and the last thing they need is 6 weeks of 20-rep work. I won’t be able to find shorts!

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Great point! I was thinking of only taking the single joint movements to failure to help manage CNS fatigue.

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I love this, man. Good motivation!

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Yes, lot to be said about having to work every day from home during lockdown when you have a good gym and well-packed fridge!

I’ve ticked off these so far:

  • gone carnivore;
  • done advanced German Body Comp;
  • started running;
  • started outdoor prowler pushing
  • done HFT (full body) training;
  • started HIIT training.

Best shape I’ve been in in 5 years.