Perfect 10 + Training Til Depressed

Hey guys,

i was wondering if i use Chad’s Perfect 10 program for my arms, start with “week 9”, which has 10 arm workout per week already. and do that for 2 weeks, and then rest for 5 days(similar to “train until depressed” theory). and i’ll still do some maintain work for my other bodypart(low volume). will that work?

i’ve been training for 10 years already, so i’m not a beginner to start with, i’m 5’8", 220lbs, my arms are 17inches now.

because Chad said we need to build up frequency slowly, otherwise we’ll burnout right away. but if that kind of “overtraining” combined with 5 days of rest after, i guess may be i can have “supercompensation” effects…

Test your theory and come back and report the results.

i’ve started already.
today is my day 3. so far it’s ok.