Perfect 10 Questions

I am thinking of starting P10 by Chad Waterbury focusing on improving my Chest and Back.
The exercises I plan on doing are:


  1. Flat Bench
  2. DB Bench
  3. 45 Incline
  4. 45 Incline DB
  5. Decline BB
  6. Decline DB
  7. Flat Neutral Grip Bench Press
  8. Neutral Incline
  9. 30 DB Incline
  10. Cable Crossovers


  1. Pull-ups
  2. Chin-ups
  3. Lat Pulldown
  4. Seated Row (semi-supinated)
  5. Overhead Shrug
  6. Back Extension
  7. Bent over Rows
  8. Incline Shrug
  9. Rear Pulldown
  10. Machine Pullover

Will I need to do any direct arm work with this program since my tris will be hit every time I do chest and my bis will be hit everytime I do back. Do I need to do direct anterior deltoid work since that will be worked a lot with chest?
Do you see any changes I need to make to the exercises I have listed above?


Yes, you need direct work.

Can anyone share their experiences on this program?

direct arm work, yes.
direct anterior deltoid work, no.

You only need direct arm work if you want your arms to grow.

And don’t forget your posterior deltoids.