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Perfect 10 / Massive Eatting Log

Well like the topic says I’ve started the perfect 10 program and J.B’s massive eattin diet.
I will update this once a week to let everyone know how the workout program and diet are going and if i have made any gains.

A little about myself and the program/diet:
I’m 6’2, 194lbs, 10-12% BF and have been lifting for 3years. I have not gained any muscle in a year so im looking for something to get me out of this 194lb hell hole ive been in.
I can gain or lose 5-10lbs easy depending on how often i go to the gym and what i eat so after this is all said and done i’m looking to be at 210lbs. (208 is the heaviest ive ever been)

For the perfect 10 i’m concentrating on bi’s and chest. The rest of my workouts consists of
Back, shoulders, 20min cardio:
Legs+lower back
Tri’s, traps, forearms, 20min cardio:

I include abs’ in 3 of the bi/chest workouts.

NOTE: i havent done cardio in a year so maybe that is why i havent been gaining muscle.
NOTE: if there is a saturday workout for the perfect 10 i will include 20min cardio in that workout as well.

The diet:
J.B.'s calculator says i should eat
4000cal’s a day everyday
So ive broken it up into 40% fat, 30%pro, 30% carbs(aproximate). (carbs make me sleepy, and lazy. Fat gives me a ton of energy thats why i went 40% fat)

2 Fiber cereal
1 skim milk
1 Grow! shake
5 egg whites
1 fruit

1 chicken breast
2 brown rice
1 fruit
1 carotts

1 tuna
2 9grain wholewheat bread
1 fruit
1 spinach

2 hardboiled eggs
1 almonds
1 cheese

2 Grow! shakes
1 peanutbutter
10 salmon oil tabs
1 whole milk

2.5 eggs
3 sausage links
1 olive oil
1 fresh vegie mix
1 fruit

2 steak (sirloin)
2 brocolli
10 fish oil tabs

1 cottage cheese
1 jerky or pro shake

4000cal, 150F, 320C, 330P

** if anyone has some constructive criticizm* for my diet i would appreciate it.

I started the diet/ program on monday and did.
a.m. bi/chest/abs
p.m. back shoulder cardio
a.m. bi/chest/
p.m. legs lowerback abs

And so far I feel GREAT and i honestly look leaner even tho 4k cals is more then i normaly eat. My body feels great and im looking a little bigger already but i’m going to wait till next monday to weigh myself.

I’ll give an update monday night or thereafter.

If anyone has some ideas or sugestions i wold like to hear em… thanks thanks

and thanks for reading.