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Percocet/Weed Use While on Cycle


Hi guys, right to the point. I am not on cycle right now but will be soon and i am wondering if there will be any benefit of taking a percocet and smoking some pot (probally bout a dime worth) and getting a little high before the workout will actually benefit just because i can get more reps and there is no testosterone drop that there usually is when using these naturally. I understand that oxycodone (percocet) decreases protein synthesis and inflammation which is not what you want during a workout but does anyone know if this cancels out if you are on cycle?

and if the percocets are a bad idea what about some weed alone? (same thing since there can't be a testosterone drop)


P.S i understand the issues with blood pressure and the risks associated if combining these drugs with steroids while exercising and sorry for bad spelling


You want to be high while lifting? I would dare to say that you are not disciplined enough to use aas if you are asking these sorts of questions. Do you drink a lot of alcohol too?


You want to be high while lifting? I would dare to say that you are not disciplined enough to use aas if you are asking these sorts of questions. Do you drink a lot of alcohol too?[/quote]

Not disciplined enough to use aas because of working out high? Haha wow you must not know a lot of bodybuilders then. ever heard of Kai Greene ? I know a ton of huge bodybuilders who smoke weed before lifting and use many drugs, a lot of them competing ... like i said before i am aware of the health issues


I wasn't really referring to the high you get from weed. I was really talking about percocet and other drugs of that nature that you had mentioned.


Oh true. I understand its kind of stupid to be doing other pills with AAS but this question was more towards just being curious (not saying i would not do it sometimes) do you have any thoughts on if it would be beneficial or not mr. walkway ?


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You know kai greene? if he does it then why can't you...

Seriously though, why would it be beneficial? "Because you can get more reps" doesn't really make sense i don't think


ha just sounds like an excuse to get high. From experience (not while on roids) i found that smoking before training never benifited me and i stopped pretty quickly. I found the 1st few sets were a real struggle and it wasnt untill it wore off i could train properly. Cant say if it'd be any different while on a course though. Never tried...


I can't really say anything regarding weed because I have never smoked in my life (I know..pussy right?).

However heavy painkillers would not be a good idea, for a number of reasons.


Can't see percs being good. They make you way to mellow and that's not good at all.

Weed on the other hand is not so bad. I had a training partner about 4 or 5 years ago that liked to blaze before the gym. I joined him a few times we had awesome workouts I think it improved our focus and concentration actually. It's also a mild pain killer and we always seemed to be able do more volume without getting tired as well. That's what I found.

That said I never do it anymore I work out with fairly straight shooters and would not fit in lol.


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I've NEVER heard of people getting 'high' before training under the pretense it will improve training, though I know a lot of people who claim it facilitates recovery. Though an old friend said he used to get stoned and just do high volume training, like 20 sets of 8 over the evening whilst getting stoned and listening to music, but he wasn't a 'serious' lifter like most of the people here.

Fuck the pain killers right off for a start, how hard do you think you'll be able to train stoned out of your head and sedated on percs, do you know how strong they are?

If anything a caffeinated drink pre workout will improve training, and a spliff and some munchies after to promote recovery :wink:

Fuck I haven't got stoned since I was 21 LOL...

Good luck anyway OP


Yeah pretty much stricter form, more reps, focus, more "mind muscle" connection and of course an excuse to be high


Thanks for replies everyone i'm going to screw the painkillers and just smoke some weed..


Fuck painkillers.

Cant feel those injuries. Plus they impair the CNS activation, downers are downers.

Plus opiates crash test production.

Ive worked out high plenty of times, not intentionally, just happened.

Ive ripped bongs before benching 350+ to where I could barely feel the weight I was lifting in my hands. Seems fine.

But you lose some top end power due to inability to activate your CNS fully.

More reps due to increased concentration or not, you still lose strength, dont deny it.

Whatever floats your boat if your a body builder I suppose, but dont fool yourself into thinking it helps, its just fun.

Vaporizer to keep those lungs healthy.

Weed + GHRP6 = Post Workout feeding frenzy like you can not believe.

Weed post workout in my opinion.


I though weed is a relaxant, isnt relaxed muscles counter-productive for workouts? Even dangerous?


Technically higher "quality" weed would have higher THC content, and less other receptor binding. So drough not swag, and Indica and not sativas would hit more in your head and less in your body.

swag being mostly the other numerous receptors and less THC would obviously be a poor choice as it makes you lethargic and relaxes the muscles.

Sativa is more body high. Which I personally prefer, but would be less beneficial for the "concentration" thing that most of the guys are saying is a boon.

I personally dont buy it, working out is fun on weed, I do it every once in a while when I feel like it.

But dont think it helps you, its just entertaining. Which is valuable, but chemically I just cant see any way that it benefits anything anabolic.

If anything decreased aggression, decreased CNS activation, lethargy, and likely increasing estrogen are all bad things.

Now for the average steroid user jacked up on 2 grams+ of heavy androgens and high strung as balls, a little relaxation is nice, I can attest to it.

And my letro covers your puny estrogen like white on rice.

So no worries.

But be careful, with sufficient weed + enough juice + enough letro to keep estrogen low normal.

You do not give a flying fuck, limited emotional capability, you do fucked up shit sometimes if you dont approach emotions from a logical perspective when on cycle.

Just complete apathy, hilarious, but sometimes not good for personal relationships.


I have no idea how you guys can lift stoned. I am literally gassed after 2 exercises and can't even get close to my regular weights.


lol @ the thought of training on percs ... thats wronger than wrong
and IMO keep the ganja PWO


Here is my 2 cents on the matter. I have had some friends who said they got "in the zone" while training high (off weed) and had killer workouts. I dont smoke much at all anymore but I can tell you that for me weed makes me lazy and unmotivated. Although many many moons ago I remember training many times after getting high and combining it with those old school mini thins which were 25mg of ephedra and I experiencd a workout zone like no other. Alas, weed now just makes me paranoid so I stay away from it. Plus, I beleive it has some estrogenic side effects so better off to stay away or limit it.

Painkillers on the other hand is a touchy subject. I'm not sure how prevelent it is now but years ago many bodybuilders would inject a painkiller called Nubain and claimed it would help them pump out extra reps and eliminate the lactic acid burn. I think its all a crock of shit and simply an excuse for people to get high and have a reason to make them feel better or sound better for doing it. I had first hand experience with that as well as other types of painkillers including percs and it can lead to a very dark road. Not trying to preach, just looking out, BE CAREFUL and stay healthy!